PPG Goes Dark Again for Its Color of the Year

As the 2019 Color of the Year, PPG Paints chose Night Watch, a luxurious dark green. Here’s how to incorporate it into your home.

photos provided by ppg paints

The PPG Paints 2019 Color of the Year is inspired by something that never goes out of style — nature. Night Watch, a dark green hue reminiscent of the leaves of a houseplant mixed with shades of blue, brings the outdoors in and represents growth and resiliency.

Last year’s Color of the Year, Black Flame, mimicked the color the sky turns before it goes completely black for the night, says Dee Schlotter, senior color manager in PPG’s architectural coatings division. It also embodied the yearning for a quiet, meditative space.

Night Watch is within the same nature-inspired vein. “This color doesn’t actually exist in nature, but it’s more of the feeling you get when you’re in nature,” says Schlotter. “It’s a deep, restorative color.”
PPG selects its Color of the Year annually at a three-day conference attended by representatives of PPG’s worldwide business units, including architectural, automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics. Each industry presents on color trends in their field, and then as a group, PPG selects the top 100 contenders. After much debate, they narrow it down to one. 

Susan Muschweck, owner of Susan Muschweck Interior Design, LLC in Gibsonia, says this “classic color” is perfect for Pittsburgh because of all the traditional homes here.
“For a wall color, I would suggest the rooms [it is used in] not be open floor plan rooms,” says Muschweck. “Maybe an office, a library or a den. It’s a very bold statement, and you’ll want to be committed to this color.”


Muschweck advises accenting with wood tones and adding classic design elements to avoid a look that is too “trendy,” she says. “You want to be able to appreciate it for years to come.”

Custom cabinets or bookcases painted with Night Watch can be a beautiful highlight in a primarily neutral, open-concept room, says Muschweck. 
Night Watch is perfect for anyone looking to create a dramatic space, says Vicci Franz, owner of Vicci Franz Interior Design in Allison Park. 

“If you have a room that has a lot of windows and natural light, it could be a fantastic color to paint the room,” says Franz.
To balance the dark shade, Franz says stick to lighter colors with gold or metallic accents for the furnishings. Larger wall coverings such as artwork also can help diffuse the color on the walls and keep it from becoming overbearing.

Night Watch also is well-suited for exterior work, says Muschweck. “It would be good for exterior trim, a great shutter color, great front door color. It’s my favorite to do a canvas awning, too.”
Franz says she’s noticed that many designers and homeowners are gravitating toward richer hues, especially those in the green family. Aside from adorning the walls, these colors are popular for sofas and other seating. Franz says it appears people are returning to colors, textiles and accents that exude a sense of luxury in their homes.
Don’t expect the nature-inspired look to go anywhere any time soon, adds Schlotter. Although a collection of bright energetic color encompassing a fresh optimism was on the upswing, natural tones made up the vast majority of the top 100 color finalists at this year’s Global Color Workshop.
“Nature has always been an inspiring piece for design,” says Schlotter. “Nature never disappoints.”  

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