Pour Judgment

Enjoy sipping your favorite spirits at home? Four local experts share serving suggestions to help ensure that you’re using the best possible glass.

Syma Hajian, Pittsburgh Winery

Syma Hajian, partner at Pittsburgh Winery, says she prefers stemless wine glasses — particularly from Riedel — noting that they’re “becoming the norm.” They work well for the shorter pours she offers at Pittsburgh Winery, she adds. Also, she reminds that glasses for reds are shorter and more open, while glasses for white wine should be taller and skinnier. (pittsburghwinery.com)


Eric Meyer, Wigle Whiskey

Care to sip your whiskey straight? Eric Meyer, co-owner of Wigle Whiskey, advises you to reconsider that rocks glass and instead sip from a snifter. He points out that a glass that's wide at the bottom and narrow at the top will allow you to get the full scent of its contents. Also, to "open up" the whiskey, squeeze in a dropper of water. The Scots add a few drops of water to whiskey instead of ice. Although Americans routinely toss a few cubes into their glasses, Scots believe that ice “numbs the tongue.” (wiglewhiskey.com)


Will Groves, Butterjoint

Unless you’re making a martini, don't reach for a martini glass. Will Groves, bar manager at Butterjoint, opts to use a cocktail glass that’s more modern and versatile — the coupe. He says he likes Libbey coupes (check Penn Fixture and Supply; pennfixture.com) for their extra mass; once chilled, they will ensure your drink will stay cool longer. He adds that the Allegro line from Luigi Bormioli includes perfect wine and martini glasses. (thebutterjoint.com)


Jake Kristophel, Full Pint Brewing Co.

Co-owner Jake Kristophel has simple taste when it comes to glasses for the various beer styles represented at Full Pint. To open up the beer and experience the full aroma, the company's  head brewer suggests a snifter or even a tulip; he says he likes how the tulip in particular feels in his hand, especially when it contains a Belgian-style brew. (fullpintbrewing.com)


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