POTUS is Coming to Town and He’s Bringing Some Cool Helicopters

President Obama is set to visit U.S. Steel’s West Mifflin plant on Wednesday. Will he have time for Pamela’s?

President Obama on the Carnegie Mellon University campus in 2012. Photo via White House Flickr.


Tomorrow, if you happen to find yourself rubbing your eyes in disbelief, à la Henry Hill at the end of “Goodfellas,” and checking to see if those fancy military helicopters are still hovering in the sky, don’t worry — you are not hallucinating.

On Wednesday afternoon, POTUS Barack Obama is making a quick appearance at U.S. Steel’s Irvin plant in West Mifflin. As a result, military helicopters have been doing flyovers, and security around the plant and the region are being ratcheted up. One Twitter user spotted them in the skies today.


The speech is part of a quick four-stop tour that includes visits to Prince George’s County, Md.; Milwaukee; and Nashville, Tenn.; so it’s doubtful he’ll have time to make it into Pamela’s. The President, you may recall, is a huge fan of their crispy, thin pancakes. In 2009, Obama even called on the owners of Pamela’s to make a special Memorial Day breakfast for veterans’ families at the White House.


Photo by Natalie Morris

#Sad: Andrew McCutchen ousted in Face of the MLB contest

Andrew McCutchen’s status as Major League Baseball’s Most Valuable Player was not enough to sway a contest in his favor earlier today over Twitter. The first round of the Face of MLB contest pitted Cutch against Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez.

As of last night, SI.com’s local baseball blog rumbunter had McCutchen hanging on to a 67-33 lead.

Fans had until 9 a.m. Tuesday morning to vote for either player via hashtag and retweet.

While being on Eastern Standard Time could have given Pittsburgh fans a three-hour edge over their West-Coast rivals, Twitter users were apparently sleepless in Seattle — at the end of the contest, King Felix had 57 percent of votes to McCutchen’s 43 percent.

Assuming that the outcome was fair, the deciding factor was probably either Seattle’s huge population advantage or this Twitpic of Felix Hernandez holding a puppy.


No shame in losing to that.

For the record, we’d take Cutch and his MVP over Hernandez (and his puppy) any day.


#Happy: Uncle Charley’s Sausage company staying local

Fans of local food and locally owned businesses, rejoice! The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Uncle Charley’s Sausage which was put up for sale by founder and current owner Charles Armitage in 2012 after the tragic death of his son has been purchased by a group of local investors, meaning Pittsburghers will get to keep pairing homemade pierogies with kielbasa that’s never left the 'Burgh.

What’s more, the company is set to be headed by former Penn Brewery CEO Len Caric. As any summertime griller knows, beer and sausages share a strong link. So it looks like the company’s legacy will be in good hands. It also means that Caric may have the best gig ever.


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