Poll: What Should Be Done Next With the Mount Washington Sign?

After 20 years, Bayer Corp. is ending its lease on the iconic sign. What now?

Photo by Dave DiCello


First the bad news: Bayer Corp. announced today that it is ending its lease of the lighted sign atop Mount Washington. The company had been flashing its logo in green, blue and white lights since 1995 but had cited maintenance and sustainability concerns in recent years.

Bayer wanted the 30-foot sign to be upgraded in 2012 with LED lights, but that proposal was rejected for convoluted and headache-inducing political reasons that you can read about here.

Truth be told, there’s bigger problems than bulb wattage. The sign is rusting. The famous “Pittsburgh” mosaic nearly is illegible. When leaders from all over the world came to town in 2009 for the G-20 Summit, Bayer cheekily unfurled a giant temporary banner over the sign to mask the ugliness.

Now the good news: This is the perfect opportunity to do a little redding up of our metaphorical room. This is a new Pittsburgh, and while a giant monolith of rust could be passed off as a kind of art installation celebrating our past, it’s probably time for a new beacon.  So what do you hope happens with the sign, smart readers?

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