Point Park University Offers New Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Journalism will be open to students in the fall.

photo courtesy of point park university


Point Park University is adding a degree for students with interest in two fields they previously may not have considered to be related. Open to students in the fall and made possible with a grant from The Heinz Endowments, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Journalism comes at a time when environmental issues are front and center in the minds of many Americans.

Students enrolled in the program will receive modern journalism training along with a focus on data analytics. Students also will also take courses in environmental science, biology and ecology through a partnership with Point Park’s School of Communication and Department of Natural Sciences and Engineering Technology.

“Point Park University is in a unique position through its Center for Media Innovation to partner with The Heinz Endowments and train a new generation of environmental journalists,” says Point Park President Paul Hennigan in a press release. “Armed with the tools to provide critical, unbiased reporting, these students will gain a heightened awareness and better understanding of practices impacting the environment.”

The program is designed to prepare future generations of environmental journalists, engage the public and stimulate the work of existing journalists. To meet these goals, students will be mentored by experts, will have their work included on a website and newsletter, will be offered networking opportunities and more.

“Point Park is in a prime position to offer a needed educational program — at the undergraduate and graduate levels —  in a city that has experienced its own environmental renaissance and is home to more than 30 nonprofit environmental groups working to protect the health of our communities,” says Thom Baggerman, chair of the School of Communication.


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