Plans Underway for Pittsburgh's Next Big Bridge Implosion

The Hulton Bridge soon will be sent falling into the Allegheny River.

photo via flickr creative commons


Fresh off of the implosion of the Greenfield Bridge, plans are in the works to demolish the 107-year-old Hulton Bridge. No firm date has been set, but officials are aiming for a date at the end of this month or in early February.

“This is historic. I'm sure people will make every effort to see the bridge go down,” Oakmont Mayor Robert Fescemyer told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The contractor, Brayman Construction Corp. of Clinton, is planning a 1,000-foot safety radius around the bridge.  

The Hulton Bridge, which connects Harmar and Oakmont, closed Oct. 5 as the new bridge –– located just 30 feet or so away –– prepared to open. 

The implosion will require a 15 minute closure of Route 28. Other roads and the new Hulton Bridge will be shut down for a longer period of time. Since the bridge will fall into the Allegheny River, a section of the waterway will be closed for as long as three days so until the the old bridge can be removed from the river, the Trib reports.

Right now PennDOT and its contractor are huddling with officials from Oakmont, Harmar and the Riverview School District, PennDOT to finalize details of the implosion.

––Richard Cook


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