Pittsburgh's Twitterati, Part II

A few more of my favorites for you to follow.

When Charlie Sheen famously lost his mind (in my professional celebrity-observer opinion), got fired from his day job and needed a place to talk about warlocks, winning, fast balls, curve balls, goddesses, truth bullets and trolls, he turned to Twitter. And faster than you can say "this feels awkward," he had more than 3 million followers.

A mind-boggling number, especially for a man whose tweet stream can only be described as "Huh?"

While these Burghers might not have 3 million followers hanging on their every tweeted word, they’re worth a follow for the reasons I’ll outline below. And I can pretty much guarantee that not a single one of them will tweet the word warlock in an un-ironic kind of way.

1. @smartbitches: This Twitter account is maintained by Burgher Sarah, of the very popular blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. If you enjoy romance novels or chick-lit, you’ll find hilarious and honest reviews on romance books from the supernatural genre to classic Georgette Heyer. Sarah tweets about books and her life to her more than 11,000 followers. A few recent tweets of hers informed me that there’s such a thing as an Amish vampire romance book. This I gotta read. Don’t judge me.

2. @pghfilmoffice: Pittsburgh is the new Hollywood, and if you’re looking to get in on that, you’ll want to join the 1,700+ followers of the official twitter account of the Pittsburgh Film Office. The organization tweets about movies filmed in Pittsburgh, when casting calls are held and which studios are accepting resumes to fill local movie jobs.

3. @americancrank: Written by Burgher Stephen Harkleroad, and with only 17 followers, this twitter account is one of the most consistently witty of all that I follow. His observations on bad Sun Chips, Sheetz, the Steelers and more keep me laughing and waiting for more Burghers to discover his account.

4. @anthonycloskey: Anthony is another consistently witty Twitter user who makes me laugh ("Beware: fruit and graham crackers are known honey, peanut butter and fudge pushers.") and think ("I don’t want more so much as I don’t want less.").

5. @mattdelsignore: KDKA 1020’s Matt DelSignore tweets new tidbits before stories hit the local newspapers or newscasts. He’s detailed and like a good journalist, takes care to only tweet what he knows for certain, not speculation.

6. @pghpenguins: This is the official Pittsburgh Penguins account and often the first place news about Sidney Crosby will appear, including photos of him skating for the first time since his concussion. They also hold ticket giveaways on occasion.

7. @daveanddaveshow: WQED’s Dave Hallewell maintains this Twitter feed and fills it with fun links, great local photos and even funnier commentary like this: "Insurance rates would be lower if they stopped advertising every 5 seconds. Get lost gecko/state farm dweeb/Nation Pam/guy from The Unit." Truth.

8.  @Ike_SwagginU: The NFL lockout doesn’t mean you can’t follow some of your favorite Steelers’ on Twitter. You can follow James Harrison, Lamar Woodley, Rashard Mendenhall and Antonio Brown, to name a few. But my personal favorite is Ike Taylor, only because I’ve made a game out of trying to figure out what he’s saying. One of his more recent tweets: "mane F POP n$$$$$$ hurt right na f$$$$$$$"

I think that means he got his hair caught in a pop can and then um … it hurt … and then … $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Pretty sure that’s it.

It’s a fun game. You try one! "Johnson he’s a triple Og now i see why i talk to my elders on a often they been there done that learn from someone else mistake SWAGG OUT."

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