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ThePittsburghScene.com lets music lovers discover the hottest local bands for free.

If we’re supposed to act local and eat local, why not listen local, too?

For all the good the Internet has done for local music, it’s still tough for fans to find new acts. Short of typing “Pittsburgh” into MySpace and wading through the muck or spending hours bouncing from bar to bar to check out the latest band, the region’s music scene has long remained divided, with success relying on word-of-mouth.

Then, recently, everything changed.

Since local musician Craig Anderson established ThePittsburghScene.com in May 2010, ’Burgh music has been blessed with an all-inclusive, one-stop home. Fans can download tracks and full albums from local bands and artists for free. Musicians can connect with others to book shows and find new band members. Promoters can check out new acts and find out when they’ll be playing. It is, simply put, the perfect website for bringing the local scene together.

“I think the city is fantastic as far as music goes,” Anderson says, “but it’s very fragmented. If I can somehow pull those pieces together, I think that’s the biggest accomplishment I could hope for.”

More than 300 artists are featured on the site—from newcomers to heavyweights like Girl Talk and Wiz Khalifa (who has two full albums available for download). Artists are required to make at least one song available for free, but they can add as many as they want.

As someone who’s played in local bands since he was 15, Anderson knew that he could fill a need.

“It was inspiration and frustration simultaneously,” he says. “I [saw] that the city had a great deal of talent that wasn’t getting the recognition it deserved. It was something that I cared passionately about.”

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