Pittsburgh's New Snow Plow Tracker Put to the Test

With one click, you can see how close the plows and salt trucks are to your street.

Calling it a "level 1" event, the City of Pittsburgh Public Works Department fired up its Snow Plow Tracker site for the first time Wednesday morning. 

Joining the real-time trend begun by PAT, roughly 120 of the department’s vehicles now are equipped with GPS devices to show current location and travel history when the snow starts to fall. Streets that have been treated are highlighted on the map in green. 

“Every year in Pittsburgh you can hear the chants coming from the valleys and the hilltops: Where’s my plow at?” Mayor Bill Peduto said last week when unveiling the program.

“Snow removal and street conditions are far and away the No. 1 complaint into every council office,” Councilman Dan Gilman told the Post-Gazette.  The new system “goes a long way toward empowering residents to understand the conditions of the streets.”

The program will cost $31,700 program annually.



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