Pittsburgh's Colder Than Alaska? Git Aht!

While we shiver and suffer, other normally cold-weather climes are basking in relative warmth.

PITTSBURGH photo by dave dicello; thumbnail photo via flickr

We all thought last winter was the worst ever. Then that *&^% groundhog winked as if to say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

by Giphy.com


February has been recording-breakingly frigid for us, but Mother Nature is turning up the heat in a lot of other places that usually are iced over:

photo by michael hayes


Anchorage, Ala.
Thursday’s high: 24
When you think of Alaska, do you picture snowmobiles and igloos? Though the average temperature for Anchorage is 10 degrees colder than Pittsburgh’s, it’s not actually all that cold there. In fact, Anchorage has a warm growing season for several months every year.


photo by daniel con


Boston, Mass.
Thursday’s high: 27
Everybody knows Boston is cold. It doesn’t seem fair that it is a whopping 21 degrees warmer than Pittsburgh. But then again, we aren’t under 6 feet of snow.



photo by phillip stewart


Colorado Springs, Colo.
Thursday’s high: 53
Colorado Springs came in at 16 on Bustle’s list of top 20 U.S cities allowed to complain about the cold (for anyone keeping score: we were No. 17). It’s 50 degrees warmer there. Something isn’t adding up.


photo by graham duerden


Montreal, Canada
Thursday’s high: 14
Now wait a sec. Montreal is 913 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. Despite its low average temperature, Montreal won’t be breaking any records today. Hosers.


photo by johnathan nightingale


Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Thursday’s high: 6
Same as Pittsburgh. Wonder how the folks up there are dealing with it?



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