Pittsburgh Twitterati: Steelers Edition

Ten Steelers players you must check out on Twitter right now.

If you’ve joined the Twitter craze, by now you’ve likely surpassed the "What does this thing even DO?" phase and have entered the "HOW COULD I EVER LIVE WITHOUT THIS?!" phase.

If you haven’t yet joined, or you have a resistant family member or friend who goes "La-la-la-la I can’t hear you" each time you utter the word Twitter, a good way to convince them to take a look is to let them know how easy Twitter makes it to keep tabs on the whereabouts, thoughts, half-cooked ideas and questionable grammar of their favorite celebrities.

Where else can 9 million people read that Kim Kardashian has psoriasis in the shape of a heart? Or that she is going to the spa or the gym or the spa and the gym?

Or how about this nugget of wisdom from Kim? "Have u ever thought someone was kinda cool, liked their vibe then saw their tweets and realized they are so lame? LOL."


No, Kim, I have no idea what that’s like. [unfollow]

I managed to get my resistant brother-in-law, a huge Pirates fan, to join Twitter just to follow the various Pirates players.

We’ll get to the Pirates another day, but today, let’s take a look at some of the Steelers who have verified accounts on Twitter and whether or not, in my opinion, they’re worth a follow.

Of note, any Steeler that tweets "rise and grind" each and every morning is an automatic unfollow.

1. Hines Ward (MVP86HinesWard)
How nice of Hines to remind us he’s an MVP. Hines’ Twitter account is, for the most part, simply linking out to his Facebook posts, so if you’re already stalking him on Facebook, this account is a bit redundant. However, Hines will occasionally tweet extraneous things that make his Twitter worth a follow provided you can ignore when he sometimes just retweets a string of fans asking him for a retweet. Unless you want to see ten ‘CAN I GET A RT?!" in a row, you might want to disable Hines’ retweets from showing up in your stream. Worth a follow? Yes.

2.  Ike Taylor (Ike_SwagginU)
Ike Taylor has swagger, and that’s pretty much all you need to know. Well, also this: I can’t understand his tweets very often. Standard Ike tweets are of this variety: "Thanx fo the luv everybody I’m GUCCI luv y’all," or "my dougie 4sho homie 4sho S/O," or simply "Leggo," which could mean "Let’s go," or it could mean someone has laid a hand on his Eggo. Worth a follow? Sure, if you know what this means: "Oh yea S/O to MR. AL I call him triple OG."

3. Maurkice Pouncey (ProBowler53)
Maurkice has a perfectly fine if rather uneventful Twitter account. Except for the time he tweeted a picture of he and his brothers planking. If you don’t know what planking is, I am going to spare you the details. Like Justin Bieber, once you know, you can’t un-know. While Maurkice has a strong affinity for the word "grinding," he has his own version of "rise and grind" it seems. He recently tweeted, "Take a piss and thank the man!!" That’s a new one! Worth a follow? Meh.

4. Lawrence Timmons (lawrencetimmons)
On a good day, every fifth tweet that enters your stream from Lawrence’s account will actually be him, because Lawrence has got a serious trigger finger when it comes to the retweet button. When you follow Lawrence, you follow ALL OF STEELER NATION. Worth a follow? No.

5. William Gay (williamgay22)
Worth a follow? Normally, I’d say no, but I’m going to say yes for his profile picture alone. I think he gets his hair done at the disco.

6. Ryan Clark (RealRClark25)
Ryan tweets in complete sentences. WORTH A FOLLOW.

7. Stevenson Sylvester (SSylvester55)
I love that Stevenson Sylvester’s first and last names seem to have gotten mixed up at some point in his life. Besides that, Stevenson, you’ll learn from Twitter, is always hungry and loves to tweet about food. Worth a follow? Yes, because he posts great pictures, including his Steelers luggage and the time he had to board a Baltimore Ravens-branded airplane. He wasn’t happy.

8. James Harrison (JHarrison9292)
James Harrison is a scary person in real life, but his virtual personality is fun, accessible and generous. He can be found giving away autographs, memorabilia and game tickets on an almost daily basis. Worth a follow? Yes.

9. Troy Polamalu (tpolamalu)
Do you even need to ask? FOLLOW.

10. Mike Wallace (Wallace17_daKid)
See "Ike Taylor." "S/o to all my steeler bros man we grindin fareal." FAREAL!

In our next edition of Pittsburgh Twitterati, we’ll look at the accounts of LaMarr Woodley, who calls himself Pharoah, Baron Batch, Emmanuel Sanders, Rashard Mendenhall (LANDMINE!), Charlie Batch and more!

Until then, rise and grind, homies.

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