Pittsburgh-Themed Converses: Coolest Kicks Ever?

Local high school senior turns boring sneakers into Burghy tributes.

Alexa Vercammen is a senior at Chartiers Valley High School who one day, along with a friend, decided to give their beat up old Converses a makeover. While her friend turned her own sneakers into a tribute to Van Gogh's Starry Night, Alexa went a more Pittsburgh-centric route, painting her shoes with an Andy Warhol theme.

"Because Andy was native of Pittsburgh he has always been one of my favorite artists, so I decided to narrow down a few of my favorite pieces and then I just went to town," Alexa said. "I wore them to school and when friends asked where I got them and I told them that I painted them, I started getting requests for more."

Alexa's other Pittsburgh-themed shoes include a pair that have the city skyline wrapped around them, which was inspired by a painting she did in her junior year. She also painted a sports-themed pair for an aunt of one of her friends.

Now all of my shoes seem super boring, don't yours?

While she has an obvious talent and passion for art, Alexa was recently accepted into the nursing program at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Someday, she is going to be the nurse with the COOLEST shoes in the entire hospital.

Check out Alexa's amazing collection in the gallery below: 

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