Pittsburgh-Themed Art Part of Route 28 Reconstruction

At last, bumper-to-bumper highway traffic soon may be more bearable, thanks to six black-and-white opuses.



Good news: Route 28 construction finally is coming to an end.

One unique part of the project probably has some rush-hour commuters turning their heads: six art panels designed by Arizona-based artist Laurie Lundquist.

The panels, 14 feet tall by 30 or more feet wide, depict notable parts of Pittsburgh history — including the site of the first Croatian national parish in the United States, St. Nicholas Church, and a silhouette of Troy Hill with a canal boat — and are featured on the inbound-side retaining wall of Route 28 beneath Troy Hill.

"It's trying to make the point that this particular stretch of Route 28 has an incredible history," Lundquist told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Artwork aside, here’s one more thing to be thankful for this holiday season: PennDOT expects to restore all traffic lanes in the construction zone by Thanksgiving.



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