Pittsburgh Tattoo Hall of Fame: Classy Edition

Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve. Wear your city on it.


For the past month, I’ve been on the hunt for ’Burghy tattoos that are all classy-like. You’ve seen plenty of bad ones around town: tattoos that look like a unicorn ate a hypocycloid and then farted out a rainbow filled with sparkling red, yellow and blue glitter.

(If I just gave you the best idea for a new tattoo, I'm going to have to ask you to leave now. Git.)

I finally managed to round up some great Pittsburgh-inspired minimalist tattoos. If you're considering permanently branding some ’Burgh love on your body, don’t feel the need to go for the flashy tramp stamp of a stripper hanging upside-down on a pole while only wearing a Steelers jersey and six-inch black-and-gold stilettos.

(What are you still doing here? I asked you to leave, didn't I?)

Enjoy the calm feeling these babies give you:

Skyline by Pittsburgh tattoo artist Jes LaVecchia


Via Pinterest

Reader Caroline’s skyline wrist tattoo by Cara at Black Cat Tattoos


From Flickr: Abraham T's Roberto Clemente Bridge tattoo


The Pittsburgh Marathon course tattooed on ’Burgh runner Matthieu Croce’s arm.


Anne V.'s simple confluence tattoo.


I don’t know if one would classify this as minimalist — but WHOA. A map of the city done by artist Nathan Mould of Artisan Tattoo. The owner of this tattoo probably is the best person in the ’Burgh to ask for directions.


Andy Warhol by Inka Dinka Doo Tattoo on Flickr


Tempe, Ariz., tattoo artist Morgan Gatekeeper’s minimalistic depiction of the majesty that is Fallingwater.


Via Reddit/Rogue Tattoos in Lawrenceville by Kelly


Via Reddit. I wonder if the other foot simply says “jagoffs.”


Via Reddit

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