Pittsburgh Ranks No. 3 in America for Walk-to-Work Cities

Census data shows that Pittsburghers walk to work in a higher percentage than New Yorkers.


Well, here’s one surefire way — maybe the only way — to avoid man-eating potholes on your morning commute: walk to work instead. A surprising 11 percent of Pittsburghers stroll to the office, according to a new NBC Nightly News infographic that draws on U.S. Census Data from 2008-2012. That places Pittsburgh No. 3 nationally, behind Washington, D.C. and Boston.

That Pittsburgh beat New York City is less surprising when you consider the skewing effect of unicyclist commuters in Brooklyn.

Our good friends in Portland took home the top spot for bike-to-work cities. Perhaps with the help of new protected bicycle-only lanes, we’ll make that list one day soon.

Thankfully, some of us work from home, so the office is but a graceful tumble out of bed away.

Ma! The meatloaf! Ma!


#Food: Condé Nast Traveler puts the spotlight on Cure’s Justin Severino

Photo by Laura Petrilla


Justin Severino, nose-to-tail butcher extraordinaire and one of our 2014 Chefs of the Year, gets some love from Condé Nast Traveler in its excellent “What’s for Dinner” series.

Severino, chef/owner of Cure, walks readers through six signature preparations, including smoked trout with rose crepe.

“I love this dish,” Severino says. “Trout from Laurel Hill Farm is one of the highest quality ingredients available in western PA — I mean, brook trout is one of the oldest creatures alive here, so we always have a menu item highlighting this beautiful fish.”

Read the full article at Condé Nast Traveler.

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