Pittsburgh Pride Includes Protecting the City We Love

In a new public service campaign, Franco Harris, Sally Wiggin and others encourage Pittsburghers to take concrete steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Wear a mask, adhere to social distancing guidelines and follow the guidance of health officials. These phrases have been repeated endlessly since the onset of the pandemic. Now they are part of a new public service initiative created by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development called “Proud to Protect Pittsburgh.”

The campaign, which includes a video (above) featuring Franco Harris, former WTAE Anchor Sally Wiggin and other prominent Pittsburghers, encourages everyone to “Be proud to do the ‘right things’ now to protect each other and let us all get back to enjoying life in the region we love.”

“It’s game time for the people of Pittsburgh in our fight against COVID-19,” said Harris, the campaign’s spokesman. “We have to team up and work together. That will help us protect each other, our hospitals, schools, businesses and our entire economy, and put us on a path to once again enjoying our favorite parts of Pittsburgh.”

In addition to following existing safety protocols, the campaign also urges Pittsburghers to get the COVID-19 vaccine once it’s widely available.

“Vaccines are on the way,” said Wiggin. “Until then, each of us can take Pittsburgh pride in doing the smart things to protect ourselves and everybody we know and love. Pittsburgh, we’ve got this, and before too long we’ll have another reason to celebrate.”

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