Pittsburgh Mayor Calls for Peace Summit

Mayor Bill Peduto is planning a gathering this week to seek ways to address fear and violence.

photo by mark dixon via flickr creative commons


Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is calling on leaders of law enforcement, faith-based institutions, activist groups, foundations, labor, the corporate community and government to gather this week for a peace summit.

The Mayor, working with Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, says he wants the group to seek ways to work together to address fear and violence.

“We are all affected by the violence in our communities – whether it be here in Pittsburgh, in Dallas, or so many other cities – and we all must do everything we can to stop it," Peduto said in a statement. “Pittsburgh is a strong and resilient place, and our bonds are even stronger when all of us in the city work together.”

The date for the summit is today, according to WTAE-TV, and will be held behind closed doors at an undisclosed location.


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