Pittsburgh Makes Amazon’s Top 20 Most Romantic Cities List

The online retailer ranks the Steel City in its list of 20 metropolises that know a thing or two about romance novels and mood-setting tunes.

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It’s too late to order last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts online. But it looks like plenty of Pittsburghers did advance planning for the occasion: We’ve made the cut for yet another listicle — coming in at No. 17 on Amazon’s list of the 20 Most Romantic U.S. Cities.


Amazon based its rankings on sales data from cities with more than 100,000 residents. Metropolises were awarded points for ordering romantic comedies, romance novels, relationship books and romantic music. The site’s list of music artists included Luther Vandross, Dean Martin, Maxwell, Miguel and “Walrus of Love” Barry White.

San Antonio netted first, while Seattle residents may finally be casting aside grunge records for something smoother — because it took second place. And there must be something meteorologists aren’t telling us about the Lake Effect because Erie, Pa., made the list at No. 19.

Be sure to thank Amazon with one of our Pittsburgh-themed Valentines.


#Sad: Pittsburghers are also very lonely, apparently

If you’ve found yourself flying solo this Valentine’s Day, blame it on Pittsburgh. A new report that came out of a joint effort between the Wall Street Journal and Facebook (the only official metric for any relationship) did a survey of 50 major cities in order to figure out which were the best and worst places to find love.

The study measured the number of individuals in these regions who said they were “single” at the beginning of October 2013 and then looked at how many of them had found a relationship within the month in order to determine the city’s “relationship formation rate.”

While the Steel City wasn’t anywhere near the worst-ranked city, we didn’t make the top 20 — coming in at No. 22, behind such breathtakingly romantic locales as Oklahoma City, Cincinnati and Indianapolis.


To make matters worse, we’re even behind Portland, a place that can be viewed as a bastion of lovelessness. Perhaps that’s the reason we’re ordering so many romantic comedies on Amazon.

In our defense, this study took place in October. The Penguins finally were getting back onto the ice, and the Bucs were in the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. At the time, our Mr. Right was Marlon Byrd, so love could wait until the offseason.

Still, it’s not all bad news. Apparently you’ve got a better shot at romance here than in Philadelphia, so all is right in the universe.


#Love: Girl’s dream of running a diner comes true, will melt your heart

No holiday brings out the cynics quite like Valentine’s Day. But here’s a story that should silence even the staunchest hater. Jamie’s Dream Team, an organization that helps make kids’ dreams come to life, has given Sierra Smith the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

After finding out that Smith, a young girl dealing with a lifelong illness, had always dreamed of owning a diner, the organization teamed up with Kelly O’s. Folks over at the diner, which has locations in the Strip District and North Hills, and got to work with Jamie’s Dream Team on a plan to make Smith’s ideas a reality.

Welcome to Pudd’s Diner, featuring a special menu Smith designed herself. There, you can buy a $1 Valentine for Smith; half of the proceeds will go to purchasing her a special gift.

Smith ran the show earlier in the North Hills (from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.) and is holding it down in the Strip District until 6 p.m. So if you’re one of the aforementioned Valentine’s Day cynics, go on down for some eggs n’at. You won’t be sorry you did.


#TicketToRide: Some are ‘Uber’ excited to try the newest ride-sharing app

Following on the heels of Lyft, another ride-sharing app has arrived in the ’Burgh: Uber, a San Francisco-based startup, began taking passengers Tuesday. The company certainly knows how to get our attention: Its blog proudly announces its first Steel City fare came from Steelers defensive end Cam Heyward.

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