Pittsburgh Listed among 20 Quirkiest U.S. Cities. Is That a Good Thing?

Don't panic — we fall way behind Portland.

photo by Douglas Muth via Flickr creative commons


Not a day goes by, it would seem, that Pittsburgh isn’t on some list for most livable this or coolest that. But quirky?

The folks at Travel+Leisure Magazine list the 'Burgh as among the 20 quirkiest cities in America. We land somewhere between Portland, Ore., and Portland, Maine, for what it’s worth. 


The authors cite our artistic rebels including Andy Warhol and Randy Gilson (above), the provocative dining of Conflict Kitchen and our sports-obsessed eateries that include Sunny Jim’s Tavern in Kilbuck Township with its 25-foot outdoor TV screen for watching all things black and gold. 

Our reaction?

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#Checkmate: Man develops Pittsburgh chess set

This chess set, inspired by Pittsburgh’s architecture, was created by Brad Cline of Cranberry Township.

“I was a pretty avid player growing up; I just wasn't any better than mediocre,” the 46-year-old software implementation consultant told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “But along the way, I came up with the idea of fashioning a chess set using Pittsburgh's buildings as the pieces. My initial inspiration really was PPG Place, which kind of resembles a castle. I thought it would make the perfect rook.”

Priced at $135, the chess set will be available online and at select retailers in May.

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#RingRing: Multitasking parade-goer answers two phones at once

OK, so maybe we are a bit quirky.



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