Pittsburgh Hopes to Improve Parking Nightmare in the Strip

Finding a spot to park in the Strip District is always the worst, but the parking situation could improve thanks to insights from a local startup.

photo courtesy of Alivision


After years of drivers searching for a place to park in the Strip, a Pittsburgh tech startup seems to have the mystery all figured out — and is sharing the secrets with the rest of us.

Earlier this year, Allvision, a geospatial analytics startup, teamed up with the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) to try to better understand the parking situation in the Strip District. Allvision analyzed the Strip District with cameras mounted atop a black sedan (pictured) to collect data about the area’s curb occupancy and create high-definition maps which helped identify areas where parking is underutilized.

With demands for curb use in urban areas is continually on the rise, DOMI is aiming to develop pricing and policies that ensure equitable use of the curb. 

The study was conducted over a two-week period along Penn Avenue and Smallman Street between 16th and 25th streets. The city will use the data and observations to test policies and help influence future policy decisions around curb use.

“The results from the Strip District study demonstrate that Allvision Parkview can provide scalable, affordable street-level intelligence to cities,” said Aaron Morris, CEO of Allvision, in a press release. “The City of Pittsburgh is a fantastic partner as we leverage our new technology that empowers DOMI to understand the valuable resources of curb space and parking inventories.”

Allvision and DOMI are currently in discussion about possibly expanding the data collection to areas other than the Strip District.

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