Pittsburgh Gets the Bonkers Drone Video It So Rightly Deserves

Essential viewing ahoy.


We’re probably months late on this video, but we don’t care. Drones, ya’ll. Drones!

This was shot by filmmaker Brian Aiken. You can watch his aerial video of Dallas here. Aiken films with a DJI Phantom drone and a GoPro. Wild.


#Science: UPMC to begin suspended animation procedures

UPMC Presbyterian Hospital is testing the use of suspended animation to freeze patients. This is not some obscure reference to the movie “Frozen” (or, if you’re an old person, “Encino Man”). This is real life.

Suspended animation is a procedure in which doctors draw blood from the brain, heart and veins and replace it with a cooled saline formula. A person can chill for as long as two hours, certifiably dead. UPMC is perfecting this experimental treatment to use on gunshot patients suffering fatal wounds. They plan to replace the blood, extract the bullet, patch up the injury and send them on their way.

University of Arizona researcher Peter Rhee conducted suspended animation experiments on pigs and witnessed a 90 percent success rate. Although, he said, the discovery has summoned a cringe-worthy realization that the procedure’s success may alter our perception of life and death. "After we did those experiments,” Rhee said in an interview with New Scientist, “the definition of 'dead' changed." 

For now, trials are only being conducted in extreme cases of survival where the patient is not responding to cardiac resuscitation.

Watch the saline in action on the University of Pittsburgh’s Medical Center clip.


#Celebrate: Strip District lands a spot on the National Register of Historic Places

The Strip District has earned its place among the 18 Historical Districts of Pittsburgh. The designation will extend 13 blocks from 15th to 22nd Street and recognize 60 of the buildings extending along the bustling marketplace. Mayor Bill Peduto spoke at the Strip District’s induction, highlighting how the neighborhood’s historical accolade will fuel the city’s mission to commemorate the past and launch into the future.

This Steel City staple deserves acknowledgement. For most of the 20th century, the multicultural market was an unloading dock for trains with carfuls of produce and agricultural goods. Read more about the Strip District’s colorful past and present in our City Guide entry.


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