Pittsburgh Dad Goes to IKEA, Pronounces Swedish Words

Spoiler: Hilarity ensues.


“No, we ain’t playin’ The Floor is Lava in the mattress department.”

Pittsburgh Dad, you know us too well.


#Bucs: Two Pirates need your All-Star vote on social media

Ready to stuff the ballot box for your favorite Buccos? The MLB fan vote on is and Andrew McCutchen is currently in position for a starting spot and Neil Walker is within striking distance on the National League All-Star Game roster. The first balloting figures for the 2014 All-Star Game were released today and McCutchen is second among NL outfielders behind only Colorado's Charlie Blackmon, while Walker is in fifth place at second base.

Remember to #VotePirates to ensure all your favorite Bucs players make it to the 2014 All-Star Game at Minnesota's Target Field on Tuesday, July 15!


#Tricks: South Hills teens pull off ridiculous 8-man pool dunk


Big shout-out to the unimpressed YouTube commenter who asks, "Where the girls at?" Finally, we have proof that it really is impossible to please everyone on the Internet.


#Stunning: Dave DiCello again turns darkness into a work of beauty


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