Perfect Party: Decorate Your Home for Summer Flings

Splurge owner Kym Pelcher shares her advice for making your outdoor space look festive.

decorative mini pedestals from Splurge, starting at $29

Summer provides many opportunities for celebration, whether it’s the Fourth of July, a graduation or just spending time with family and friends. Here are some tips for decorating your home for the perfect summer party.

If you're searching for a more creative way to serve food, layers are the way to go, according to Kym Pelcher, owner of Splurge in Fox Chapel. Risers and mini pedestals are simple ways to give your food a more decorative display.

“Layers add interest,” she says. “Use risers to vary the heights of whatever you are serving and create a beautiful buffet. Mix in fresh cut flowers for the perfect outdoor tablescape.”   

Whether you’re hosting a few friends, or expect a full house, you always need to make sure there is enough seating space for your guests, Pelcher says. Investing in new outdoor furniture is one option, but you can also save money by utilizing what you already own.

“If your outdoor furniture isn’t going to provide enough seating or table space, bring the inside out,” Pelcher says. “Don’t be afraid to use your dining table and chairs outside. Cover with an outdoorsy tablecloth like jute or grasscloth.”

galvanized risers from Splurge, starting at $75

You can also purchase seasonal items to customize your home for a holiday. Red, white and blue pillows for outdoor sofas are a subtle, yet festive way to decorate for the Fourth of July.

While repelling insects at your party can be tricky, bug spray isn’t your only option. Candles add a decorative touch to your table and serve a practical purpose, according to Pelcher.

“Don't forget your citronella candles to keep the bugs away, which are now available in beautiful scents that don’t smell like bug spray,” she says.

Because this is Pittsburgh, where sunshine can turn into rain in an instant, Pelcher suggests implementing a backup plan for moving your party indoors in case of bad weather.

“The backup plan would be to make sure that all dining tables and buffets are clear in case of a last minute change,” Pelcher says. “Have a plan as to exactly where you will put all of the outdoor decor when you move the outside in. Everything that you do outside will work in the house as well with a little forethought.”


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