Penguins’ Awkward Holiday e-Card Is the Best

Accompanying holiday album includes such hits as “Do Jussi What I See?”


Solid acting by Kris Letang. His accent, though: Nord from Skyrim? Craig Adams is all business, as usual.


#Props: Obama meets Peduto, gives Pittsburgh a compliment

Bill Peduto was one of 16 incoming mayors invited to the White House last week for a meeting with President Obama. During the 90-minute sit-down, Obama praised Pittsburgh. When discussing how Detroit could deal with its many challenges, Obama suggested that its leaders could look to Pittsburgh for inspiration. “Detroit could learn from Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh has transformed,” Obama said, according to Peduto in an interview with KDKA-TV.

Watch the full video for more, including what Peduto asked Obama to take back to Pittsburgh from the U.S. Capitol.


#SEO: Iginla, Crosby among most-searched athletes in Canada

Hey, we just got a nice SEO boost. Hello, Canada! Sidney Crosby and Jarome Iginla were among this year’s top-10 trending athletes in Google’s Canadian Zeitgeist report. Tiger Woods, Oscar Pistorius and Aaron Hernandez made it to the top three. More concerning, the No. 3 most-searched result for cocktails was something called a Blue Hawaii. Yikes. What’s going on up there, Canada?


What’s happening tonight?

  • Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” at Kelly-Strayhorn Theater during a pay-what-you-can screening. — 7 p.m.

  • For Michael Bolton fans who’d prefer seeing him in concert instead of Honda commercials, you’re in luck. He’ll perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at Heinz Hall. — 7:30 p.m.

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