Peduto Dons Dreads for ‘Be Like Cutch’ Ad

Pittsburgh’s mayor gets a fresh look in new MLB commercial.


#Wrapped: Starz finishes up principal photography on “The Chair”

It’s starting to feel like there are more TV shows shot in the City of Bridges than in the City of Angels. The latest example is the upcoming Starz reality show “The Chair,” which just wrapped principal photography here and is slated to make its debut on Starz this fall.

Supported by efforts from Point Park University and Steeltown Entertainment, the show features the efforts of Chris Moore (who co-produced “Good Will Hunting” and the Washington, Pa.-based film “Promised Land”) and Carnegie Mellon grad Zachary Quinto. The program pits two little-known directors against each other as they hazard the challenges of their directorial debut — both using the exact same script. The winner gets $250,000.

Once the show airs on Starz, voters will determine the victor. No matter which director gets the prize, chalk it up as another W for the ’Burgh.


#Props: Pittsburgh is the fifth most-resilient city on the planet

Everybody knows Pittsburgh is livable, affordable and all around awesome — but how about invulnerable? According to a property company across the pond, Pittsburgh’s about as disaster-proof as it gets.

Here’s what that means: A recent study by Grosvenor, a London-based company led by the Duke of Westminster, used 200 different points of data to evaluate the vulnerability of cities to major crises and the adaptability of these same cities in crisis situations.

Turns out that as far as disasters go, Pittsburgh is the place to be. We came in fifth on the list, with a score of 95 percent, only falling behind three cities from the hardened nation to the north (Canada) and Chicago.

According to Ian Anderson, a native Pittsburgher and director of the Grosvenor Fund Management’s Philadelphia office, two of the principal factors involved in Pittsburgh’s high ranking were the city’s safe location and it’s relative lack of economic inequality.

“It’s not particularly susceptible to rises in sea levels, it’s not particularly vulnerable to catastrophic environmental events…It’s infrastructure is decent. Clearly, American city has a higher level of inequality in them, but Pittsburgh when compared to New York or London is much better off,” says Anderson.

No word on how the presence of “Pittsburgh Batman” factored into the city’s safety.


#Macho: Pittsburgh Dad has some choice words for Wrestlemania

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