Pawsitively Chic

Paws ‘N Claws Eyewear is a company with style and heart.

Photos by Laura Petrilla

With a name like Paws ‘N Claws Eyewear, most would assume that this business makes accessories for ridiculously dressed pets. However, its signature frames are actually designed for the fashionable pet lover.

Samuel Shapiro launched Paws ‘N Claws in June 2011, since he was deeply touched by his wife’s lifelong animal activism — and had worked with local rescue organizations himself. His Pittsburgh-based company gives back by donating 5 percent of net sales to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“When we would make small donations, we realized how important it was for us to give — and how important it was for [the ASPCA] to receive,” says Shapiro, a proud owner of two canines. Catering to dog and cat lovers, each Paws ‘N Claws frame is adorned with either paw prints or bones to signify the wearer’s pet devotion.

The collection is sold at participating doctor’s offices and eyeglass boutiques — so be sure to visit to peruse the line of specs in advance.

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