Paint with Pizazz: It’s Easy Being Green

Feeling bold? Pantone has chosen Greenery as its 2017 color of the year. Incorporate zesty shades into your home with help from local experts.

THe paint color Parakeet adds a pop of color to an otherwise neutral living room. Photos courtesy Sherwin-Williams


After years of neutral colors and soft shades dominating interior design landscapes, Pantone is bringing back color with its bold, decidedly non-neutral, 2017 color of the year — Greenery.

 A vibrant yellow-green shade meant to evoke the first days of spring, Greenery is a life-affirming shade that experts at the Pantone Color Institute say is symbolic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.

Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, notes green has been gaining momentum in the past few seasons. As such, Sherwin-Williams has a number of green shades in its colormix 2017 color forecast that range from Cascades, a deep emerald jewel tone, to Sheraton Sage, a muted, loamy green.

Interior designer Lauren Levant, owner of Lauren Levant Interior in Lawrenceville, describes the vibrant Greenery as full of energy.  “It’s a great color for spring to kick off the year.”

seawashed glass and hazel, both by sherwin-williams, enliven this room

Pulling Off Bright Green

To be sure, it’s a daring color choice — Levant says her clients either love bright green or hate it — so incorporating it into the home needs to be done in a way that’s not overwhelming.

Levant likes pairing the color with warm, contrasting materials that act as a counterbalance. She did so with a recent kitchen design that featured a strong green as the main color, coupled with warm cherry-wood cabinets and dark cement-grey countertops.

“That was a really successful combination,” she says.

Sherwin Williams' Arugula brightens a set of doors, complemented by garden spot, on the walls

She also suggests making bold greens pop by pairing them with neutral colors such as greys, whites and blacks. If Greenery is combined with another member of the green family, she recommends choosing a slightly more yellowish green to balance out the coolness of the Pantone color.

“Greens can be versatile, but that particular shade is more conducive to neutrals, and letting it be one of the only colors,” she says.

Carrie Lehmann, owner of Sewickley-based CL Interiors, says the audacious green makes a statement, and it certainly can liven up a living space.


“Paired with similar vibrant hues like turquoise, magenta and bright yellow, Greenery will transform your home back to life,” she says. “It can be the feature color, and don’t be afraid to upholster an entire sofa with it, or lay a beautiful area rug.”

To use Greenery or similar vibrant green tones in a more subtle way, Lehmann suggests adding splashes of the color with bright green accessories. Levant also says the color can be used on a smaller scale in prints. “It’s an unexpectedly versatile color with so much potential,” Lehmann says.  

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