Outta My League? CMU Grad Creates Invite-Only Dating App

Are you cool enough to join?

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Picky prowlers for romance can pluck from a limited pool of prospects using The League dating app. Its aim is to bring together power couples. 

CEO Amanda Bradford, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, launched the app earlier this year to connect hopeful lovers with common goals in cities nationwide. Unlike the popular Tinder, where everyone gets a stake in the game, Bradford’s app creates a filtered menu of potential dates based on users’ “passion and ambition.”

The app accepts only people whose social-media presence, particularly on LinkedIn, proves up-to-snuff career-wise — a weeding-out process that Bradford compares to colleges or workplaces. Sound a bit elitist? Here's how Bradford answered that criticism on "CBS This Morning."
––Natalie Daher


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It was a frequent topic of debate on barstools long before it started popping up on social media: Why do some people treat alleys as their personal luxury lanes? Many a frustrated local has bemoaned the tendency of some people to use cramped back alleys as traffic shortcuts. We’re not here to pass judgment on those motorists, but we thought we’d look up the actual laws on the matter.

Generally, is it legal to drive down an alley? Yes. If it’s a paved road (not a driveway or parking lot) without signs warning you not to enter, you can drive through it. If your alley shortcut helps you to save time, however, you’re probably doing it wrong — and illegally.

he Pennsylvania Vehicle Code says that any driver exiting an alley must stop and check for traffic, just as you’re required to do at a stop sign; this applies anytime you reach an intersection from an alley, even if there’s no sidewalk. And at those places, drivers must yield to all traffic on the road proper, as well as every pedestrian walking on any sidewalk extending across the alley. If you can make a full stop every time your secret alley shortcut intersects with anything and still save time on your journey, more power to you; otherwise, feel free to join us back on the main roads.
— Sean Collier




#HockeyNews: Nominate your favorite 'Burgh rink to host a pre-season NHL game

Calling all hockey fans: Your hometown rink could host a pre-season NHL game by showing your spirit. Vote online for your favorite local arena, and it could take the first-ever title of Kraft Hockeyville USA.

The contest’s goal is to “ignite a passion for hockey in America but also bring a renewed sense of pride to communities,” according to a release.  

You can submit nominations until March 18, before a series of finalist eliminations culminating with the May 2 announcement of the winner.

The top four communities will receive various amounts of cash prizes for arena upgrades, with the grand prize being $150,000.



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