Oscar-Worthy Spoof: 'Big Birdman'

This clever parody will make you smile, but it might be a little hard to explain to your child.

#BirdmanSpoof: 'Sesame Street' Parody

A veteran puppeteer, who plays an avian icon, battles his ego and attempts to find his way back to a certain furry and friendly street. This is "Big Birdman." Good luck explaining this to your pre-schooler.

photo courtesy of bricolage production company


#TicketGiveaway: Bricolage Urban Scrawl

Some feats of artistic output happen as the result of careful research, long-term planning and meditative thought. 

Others happen when someone suddenly has a bright idea on the bus. And once a year, Bricolage Production Company ensures that’s just where the spark of creation takes place.

The annual B.U.S. (Bricolage Urban Scrawl) fundraiser sends a half-dozen playwrights off on bus rides around the city, challenging them to formulate an idea by the time they return downtown. They’re greeted by six directors and a collection of actors to form small companies that will be given a tall order: write, direct and stage a short play in 24 hours, to be performed the following evening.

It’s a chaotic way to produce an evening of theater, but the results are memorable and raw. And we’re giving you a chance to get in for free.

One winner will receive a pair of Party B.U.S. tickets for this Saturday’s show at the New Hazlett Theater. They’ll get you into the VIP reception at 6:30 p.m., land you in preferred seating for the 8:00 performance and let you keep the evening going at the after-party.

To enter, just leave a comment on this article; we’ll select a winner and notify them on Thursday. (No Facebook account to leave a comment? Email scollier@pittsburghmagazine.com to enter.)

You will not be required to get downtown via public transportation if you win. But if you did, it’d be in the spirit of the evening.



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