Online Exclusive: Missed Connection: Jaclyn Turek and Phil Sorrentino

Photos by Leeann Marie Wedding Photographers

July 30, 2016

When Phil Met Jaclyn.
Jaclyn and Phil’s love story could easily be one of those “missed connections” notices in the personal ads.

Growing up, Jaclyn, of Elizabeth, often visited her uncle’s cabin in the woods of Elk County, not knowing that her future husband regularly visited a friend’s cabin next door.

“I used to go up there all the time, and I never really noticed him — but I guess he noticed me,” says Jaclyn, 26.

In the summer of 2014, the two saw each other across a room at Buffalo Wild Wings at Century III Mall and smiled. Phil asked a mutual friend about her then looked her up on Facebook and asked her out the next day. On their first date, at Hard Rock Café in Station Square, the new couple realized they had so much in common, and that was it.

She Said Yes.
After several months of dating, the couple was doing everything together and enjoyed spending weekends at Jaclyn’s parents’ cabin in Somerset. On a clear Monday night in June 2015, they went for a hike under the proverbial starry sky, and Phil asked her to hold the flashlight. Next, he dropped to one knee and asked Jaclyn to be his wife.

“The stars were so pretty, and the lightning bugs were out,” Jaclyn recalls. “There’s no light pollution out here at all. I could actually see the ring shining … I was like, ‘Oh my goodness!’”

The Big Day.
Jaclyn wed Phil in a summer ceremony at her small country childhood church.

“My favorite part was walking down the aisle and, the church being so small, seeing everyone that I’ve ever known and everyone he’d ever known in one place,” Jaclyn recalls.

The bride’s theme was vintage blush, with her bridesmaids sporting petal designs on one sleeve of their dresses. Jaclyn wore her great-grandmother’s vintage necklace; vintage teacups and crocheted doilies from Jaclyn’s grandmother, who passed away in 2001, were on display at the reception.

Happily Ever After.
Phil, 28, and Jaclyn honeymooned in the British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos and settled in their house in Glassport. They plan to get a puppy this spring and, later, have children. Phil works as a branch manager for Central Hydraulics, and Jaclyn is an engineer for Bechtel Bettis.

Ceremony Site: Round Hill Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth, Pa.
Reception Site: Destiny Hill Farm, Washington, Pa.
Caterer: Carson's Premier Catering
Cake: Grandview Bakery
Dress: Allure; MB Bride
Hair: Salon G'onna
Makeup: Ramona Selvoski (Mary Kay)
Flowers: Destiny Hill Farm Floral Designs
Music: DJ Jonny Hartwell; Kelli Burns Entertainment
Wedding Planner: Destiny Hill Farm

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