On Trend: Add a Touch of Velvet to Your Decor

Local designers say the fabric can give a room a luxurious feel. Here’s how to incorporate it into your home.

photos courtesy of weisshouse

The ancient Egyptians used velvet to signify royalty and status. More recently, velvet has been trending in home decor — and incorporating a bit of that royalty into your home isn’t as difficult as you may think, according to local experts.

“No matter what your decor is, there is always an opportunity for a little velvet,” says Lauren Piasecki, a founding partner and interior designer at Black Cherry Design in Lawrenceville. “We often love adding velvet in saturated jewel tones, but it can be just as effective in soft pastels and/or neutral colors like grey and taupe.”

Cyd Mello, creative director at Weisshouse in Shadyside and the owner of Mello & Sons vintage apparel shop in Lawrenceville, adds neutral colors are better if you are going for a more casual look, while bold jewel tones tend to feel more elegant and luxurious.

Easy velvet accent pieces that can be added to any room include everything from an armchair to some throw pillows to framed velvet wall art. If you don’t want to drop cash on a big-ticket item such as a velvet couch, there still are plenty of other ways to add flare to your decor.

Velvet drapes, a velvet table runner or even a velvet lampshade are simple ways to add a bit of elegance to a room without overdoing it.

“Velvet makes a piece of furniture something truly special. Its soft touch and classic radiance has fortified its place in contemporary design,” Mello says.

In the bedroom, consider a velvet or a tufted velvet headboard. Or, try tufted velvet throw pillows or ottomans to make a grand statement. Mello also suggests mixing velvet in with other textures.

Homeowners also should not fear adding the fabric to a room, only to have it go out of style in a few years. Velvet has staying power, according to Piasecki.

“I feel like velvet is a classic. I don't think it will ever go out of style,” she says. “Whether you make a real commitment and select a velvet sofa, velvet draperies or just a few pillows, velvet adds a touch of luxury and softness that few other fabrics can do.”

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