NPR Team Tries, Critiques Primanti's Pitts-Burgher

The group behind the station's Sandwich Monday blog series orders the iconic sandwich and writes a review.


“The Primanti Brothers are the Wright Brothers of Pittsburgh — except their sandwiches are responsible for several planes never getting off the ground.”

Looks like the self-described humorists from NPR’s “Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me!” program didn't immediately fall in love with Primanti Bros. when they sampled the Pitts-Burgher sandwich yesterday and remarked on its weight and starchiness. However, they point out in their Sandwich Monday blog post that the Pitts-Burgher probably wasn’t that enthralled with the team either: “I look at this thing stuffed with fries and cheese and realize it looks at me and sees the same thing,” said Ian, one of the contributors.

In the end, they'd concluded that they "respect Primanti Bros. as an innovator."

Hat-tip to Adam Shuck for the find


#Sports: Steelers diehards can rack up rewards

Steelers fans, it’s time to make it official. The Pittsburgh Steelers organization has a new fan program: Steelers Nation Unite. Those who register become members of Steeler Nation. As a reward for doing the regular routine — attending games, posting on social media, buying Steelers gear and so on — Steelers Nation Unite members will receive digital “badges.” The badges grant access to exclusive Steelers offers and benefits, such as free NFL game rewind during the season or VIP tickets to training camp. Fans can sign up at or use the Steelers mobile app.


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