No Passport Required for Handmade Spanish Jewelry at Roberta Weissburg Leathers

Uno de 50 is a jewelry brand utilizing high-end silver, leather and Swarovski crystals.

You don’t need a passport to get your hands on some handmade Spanish jewelry — just head to Roberta Weissburg Leathers in Shadyside and browse the Uno de 50 selection. This collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings comes directly from Spain.

“It’s [made by] a small group of artists who originally were planning to only make 50 of each design,” Roberta says. “But the pieces took off so well that they were not able to do that.”

Although the creators expanded their production of these coveted pieces, they are still limited-edition and made in Madrid using high-end materials such as Swarovski crystals and triple-plated silver.

The brand, which also includes gold and leather details and items, is a unique twist on more classic pieces. From the leather clasps and blue crystals on the Wrecking Ball bracelet ($329) to the dragonfly pendant and strings of beads that make up the Dancing Til’ Dawn necklace ($275), Uno de 50 jewelry maintains its beauty and elegance while still bringing strength and edge to the pieces. The line also creates men’s pieces.

“They are very organic but at the same time very sophisticated,” Roberta says.

Roberta Weissburg Leathers, which offers leather services and products such as coats and boots in addition to its jewelry selection, will also special order Uno de 50 items that are not available on location. The jewelry is primarily sold at the store’s Shadyside location, although some stock is occasionally available at the store’s other location in South Side Works. The items have been very successful, according to Roberta.

“It’s doing incredibly well for us,” Roberta says. “There are free-standing Uno de 50 stores around the globe … but we are the only store within the city of Pittsburgh that carries them.”



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