Nightlife: Skip Happy Hour and Shake It

Beat the heat with our favorite spots for floats and milkshakes.



We All Scream …
Pittsburghers love their ice cream. On a muggy September evening, locals line up at the Dave & Andy’s [] counter in Oakland clutching cash and gabbing about which flavor they want (our money’s on white-chocolate cinnamon habanero). Or they crowd around the outdoor tables of Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee Co. [] in Shadyside.

They may even push their way into The Milk Shake Factory [] in South Side and choose from 55 available flavors; a word of advice: the place is especially packed during “happy hour,” from 2-4 p.m. weekdays. At Dream Cream, volunteers operate the downtown shop and raise money for various initiatives; altruism never tasted so good.

As for mature ice cream fans who prefer a little kick to their malt, the BRGR-Burgatory rivalry has little competition. On one hand, BRGR [] is a fashionable burger joint that makes “handcrafted shakes” and “adult floats.” Burgatory [] proudly serves “heavenly shakes.” If you never imagined Burnt Almond Torte as a milkshake, know that it’s a very real option — right down to the bits of Prantl’s signature cake. Both establishments concoct divine shakes; we’re not endorsing one or the other. Guess you’ll have to try both while the weather’s (somewhat) decent. After all, it’ll be hot-chocolate season in no time.


Your Name in Lights 
In the wake of the tax-credit flop, thousands of Pittsburghers felt discouraged. We had dreams of becoming a Rust Belt Hollywood. But for now, the city still buzzes with film projects, and if you have a little extra time and enjoy free pizza, the Pittsburgh Film Office [] posts casting calls online. Student and indie filmmakers need all kinds of actors, and the commitments vary from one-day shoots to ongoing Web series. Their projects may not have the cachet of The Dark Knight Rises, but many of these newcomers are talented and ready for action. With a little patience (and a willingness to possibly work for free), almost anyone can play an extra in a local short. Remember that you’re helping fledgling directors get their start.

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