Nightlife + Flicks: 'Burgh Goes Goth

The Dark Knight Rises premieres in theaters July 20, and Pittsburgh is ready for its close-up.

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The Dark Knight Rises
Expect lines around the block, sold-out tickets, nerds wearing Joker costumes and enough nervous energy to light up Gotham City. The Dark Knight Rises is finally coming to theaters July 20. Sure, comic-book addicts have already memorized the much-hyped trailer, but Pittsburghers can’t wait to see their city get the Christopher Nolan treatment. What eerie twists await? What nefarious traps will Bane and Catwoman set for the beleaguered Bruce Wayne? And how will Craig Street look after the Batmobile rumbles over it? The wait is over — and so is the franchise. Fare thee well, Batman. It’s been a great run.

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Everybody knows the: You start at one end of East Carson Street, and throughout the course of a madcap evening, you gradually work your way to the other end. Countless epic 21st birthdays have started (and ended) on the corridor’s endless sidewalk. (By the way, if nighttime chaos is your thing, please remember to assign a DD.) Yet for those longing to travel great lengths in the name of cocktails and brews, South Side isn’t the only destination for “crawling” fun. Since warm weather makes meandering a breeze, sample some of these walkable neighborhoods.

The Lawrenceville Strut
Not long ago, “Larryville” was bleak and run-down. Only locals would take on Butler Street at night. Today, Lawrenceville is a complex mix of innovative boutiques and traditional dives. On one end, the Round Corner Cantina is a bohemian paradise. On the other side, New Amsterdam draws similarly fashionable youth. Belvedere’s, Remedy and the Thunderbird Café dominate the live music scene — and if you feel like exploring, the area has as many hidden haunts as anywhere in the city. (

The North Side Stroll
Near the stadiums, streets are swarmed with popular bars and clubs. But look beyond the railroad tracks, and you’ll find dignified old spots like Max’s Allegheny Tavern and countless others. The North Side is neighborly, easy to roam and filled with peculiar pastimes — like the much-loved Pittsburgh Banjo Club. (

The Shadyside Shuffle
Shadyside’s nightlife is divided between Walnut Street and Ellsworth Avenue, and the atmosphere is totally different for each. Where Walnut is casual, youthful and diverse, Ellsworth is a place for martinis, exquisite food and pockets of gay culture. Fans of Ellsworth still gravitate toward the Harris Grill for cocktails and craft beers, 5801 for fabulous dance parties and Shadyside Saloon for old-fashioned darts and Dos Equis. Walnut has too many fine establishments to list, but the new addition, Mario’s (formerly Doc’s), is a socialite’s Shangri-La during the summer. (

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