Night Shift

Four people you might encounter on your night out.

The Late-Night Waitress | Joyce Morel | Tom’s Diner, 1715 E. Carson St., South Side

Find Her: Scribbling down artery-cloggin’ orders ’til 4 a.m.

Classic Late-Night Bite: Her bar-hopping customers can’t seem to resist Tom’s Fiery Fries, topped with hot sauce-spiked feta cheese, mozzarella cheese and gyro meat. Mmm, now that’s a post-party delight.

Would You Like a Side of Sing-a-Long With That Burger?: Joyce’s customers are hungry for more than just edibles. As a late-night waitress vet, she knows that they’re really there for the full experience, which includes the tunes piped through the restaurant-and we’re talking everything from oldies to top-40. So do that little dance and belt out those jams. Trust us-you won’t be alone.

Here We Go: Steelers’ wins bring out Pittsburgh’s highest level of rowdy, and Tom’s Diner might as well be the post-bar capital for chanters and fist-pumpers alike. Actually, Joyce often finds herself waiting on the pigskin players themselves. While we won’t mention any names, certain "Stillers" are no strangers to Tom’s-leading unruly sing-a-longs while enjoying their after-hours munchies.

What Does She Do on Her Night Off?: If not catching up on some Z’s, she finds herself ending up at Tom’s anyway. On the clock or off, it’s where her crew’s at.

Going Out? Here’s Her Advice: End your night at Tom’s. Period.

The Bartender | Michel Mincin | Eleven, 1150 Smallman St., Strip District

Find Him: On the opposite side of the bar, putting that cocktail tumbler to good use.

What Can I Getcha?: Mincin recommends his kumquat mojito. Kum-qu-what? A kumquat is a small citrus fruit that’s sweet like an orange but tart like a lemon or lime. Mincin mixes up the juice with some rum, mint, simple syrup and soda water for a drink worth sipping. He only serves the drink late-November through January when kumquats are in season, so get ’em while you can!

His Favorite Cocktail: One Negroni, please. A blend of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, a bitter liqueur.

A Tip About His Tip:
He thinks superior service is worth tagging on 20 percent. But there are no rules set in stone, so you be the judge and remember that extra drink tax isn’t going into the bartender’s pocket.

Snapping Your Fingers or Yelling His Name?: Probably not going to get your drink poured any faster.

What Does He Do on His Night Off?: Mincen likes checking out the local culinary scene, and he’s always down for keeping it casual with a few pals, grabbing a cold one at bars such as Fat Heads Saloon on the South Side or the Thunderbird Café in Lawrenceville.

Going Out? Here’s His Advice: For the partier looking to skip out on the not-so-pleasant morning after, pass on the mixers (e.g. Coke or tonic) and enjoy a high-end vodka or gin either on the rocks or in a martini. And remember: the better the booze, the better your morning.

The DJ | DJ Nugget | Scratching records all over town, from the South Side to the Strip.

His Sound: Hip-Hop, Top 40, ’80s-you name it, he plays it.

DJ Perks: Watching 500 people throw their hands up and shout the lyrics of the song he just put on. And he certainly doesn’t mind the traveling, playing gigs in Sin City and the Big Apple, to name a few.

Play My Song!: Made a request and still no tune? In the words of Nugget, "Money talks!"

But Really, Let’s Leave This One to the Professionals: He knows you want to hear the biggest song in the country ("Right now!"), but it’s only 9 o’clock. Nugget’s an expert on the flow of the night, so have a few drinks and wait.

Wait, He’s From Where?: Slickville, Pa., Westmoreland County, where the cornfields outnumber the traffic lights by a long shot. Regardless, Nugget thinks his hometown’s name is so cool that he is considering getting a Slickville tattoo.

What Does He Do on His Night Off?: Nugget tries to take some time away from the bar and club scene, hitting up Arsenal Lanes with his "posse" almost weekly.

Going Out? Here’s His Advice: Stop worrying about how cool you look in the club. Take off your sunglasses. And don’t ever be afraid to dance and let loose!

The Bouncer | John Brown | Peter’s Pub, 116 Oakland Ave., Oakland

Find Him: Standing between you and the door to the bar. (Yeah, we wouldn’t mess with him either.)

OK, So Maybe He’s Not THAT Tough: He’s not afraid to admit he enjoys the melodic sounds of Marvin Gaye. Don’t act as if "Let’s Get It On" isn’t somewhere on your iPod….

Where Everybody Knows Your Name: J.B., as his buddies call him, loves nothing more than getting to know his regulars. He doesn’t hesitate to make the claim that Pittsburghers are "the greatest people in the world."

Bouncer Bonus: Can’t complain about that employee discount on brews and pub grub.

Bouncer Bummer:
Manning the entrance while the people surrounding him have the time of their lives, he can’t help but wish he were in on the action. But hey, he leaves the party with a paycheck, not a tab.

What Does He Do on His Night Off?:
Catch him hanging out with friends in Oakland, usually at Peter’s Pub or singing karaoke at Garage Door Saloon or Bootleggers.

Going Out? Here’s His Advice:
Don’t act as if you’re too good to whip out that ID-the bouncer isn’t feeling the ‘tude. And if you’re feeling like a tough guy, you’d better steer clear of the big man at the door. With 13 years of football experience under his belt, J.B. doesn’t mind giving those aggressive guys some "sweet chin music."

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