New York Bridal Designer Shares Her Secrets

Pennsylvania native Jaclyn Jordan brings her newest collection to the Blanc de Blanc Bridal Boutique in Carrick.

For New York City-based bridal designer Jaclyn Jordan, inspiration comes mainly from architecture and from art. When she looks at her newest spring collection, she can see it.

“The collection is very romantic, first off,” Jordan says. “Lots of very soft organzas and laces in the collection. But it’s also … you can see the architectural, structured style. So it’s kind of like this classic-meets-bohemian feel.”

Fresh off of debuting her latest collection at New York Bridal Fashion Week, Jordan will host a trunk show this weekend at Blanc de Blanc Bridal Boutique in Carrick. Jordan says she excited for another showcase of the new gowns that encapsulate her influences.

Jordan says that she loves to study the lines in buildings and incorporate small details into gowns.

“I might see an archway that is really beautifully shaped, and I translate that into, like, a keyhole detail on the back of a gown. Something like that,” she says. “Or, I take the shape and kind of stylize the seams on the gown to really shape the body and give that structured look.”

But art is at the heart of her entire collection, Jordan says. This season, her designs were spurred by images from the impressionist artist, Leo Putz.

“I typically choose a piece that inspires the collection as a whole,” Jordan says. “And that’s my main inspiration point, and then I might have a few other images of art that round out the concept … So, the way that [Putz] played with the female form and the balancing of these very light, gauzy, flowing gowns — contrasted with some shadows and all that — really inspired this last collection.”

Jordan grew up in Carlisle, Pa., and has worked in the bridal industry for nearly 13 years. After getting her start at a bridal salon in her college town of Savannah, she went on to manage another salon in the same city, working for a bridal designer and a planner there.

Jordan says her personal style has undoubtedly developed over the years.

“Just as fashion in everyone’s case has evolved, my style has evolved to become just a bit more — in a way, classic,” she says. “But classic that feels really modern.”

What hasn’t changed, says Jordan, is her love for working with clients and buyers. It’s her favorite part of the job.

“I just love interacting with people, and you know, being such a little part of someone’s very important moment in their life is pretty humbling,” she says. “And so, for someone to entrust in me this gown that they will cherish for the rest of their lives is really special.”

Jordan says there are a few styles she predicts will stick around.

“I think that color will remain a trend in bridal, because it’s one of those things that really only the very brave girls do,” she says. “You know — having a little bit of color mixed in their gown in some fashion or just a completely colored wedding gown. Whether it’s a beautiful shade of blush or light blue, I think that we’ll still be seeing more color coming down the road.

“I also think three-dimensional floral detailing is something that we’ve started to see coming out of the designers’ show rooms and our show room. And we’ll be seeing more for sure in the fall.”

Jordan will be present to showcase her gowns and speak to brides-to-be for the first two days of the trunk show, held Friday through Monday.

Blanc de Blanc Bridal Boutique, 1806 Brownsville Road, Carrick; 412/884-8000,


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