New Year’s, Pittsburgh Style

Five of our of favorite locals share their most memorable New Year’s Eve.

Ringing in the New Year is a must, no matter how or where — but we wanted to know what Pittsburghers love about celebrating the holiday in their city. Here’s what a few favorite locals had to say about their most memorable ’Burgh New Year’s.


Katie O’Malley
Host, Pittsburgh Penguins’ PensTV programming

“First Night 2003 — I interned for First Night during winter break of my freshman year of college. We ended the night in the middle of the Liberty Avenue stage with the band rockin’, Zambelli fireworks blazing and nearly 60,000 of Pittsburgh’s finest.”

James Rich
Owner, PGH Taco Truck

“My favorite Pittsburgh New Year’s memory has always been looking over the city from Grandview Avenue, where I lived for several years.”

Joy Ike

“After our set at First Night 2011, my sister, two friends and I joined the crowd near Katz Plaza as the fireworks were about to start. Afterward, we hopped down to a pizza shop and enjoyed a few slices over conversations [about] our hopes for 2012. It was a very simple New Year’s Eve, but it only reinforced the fact that it’s not about what you do — it’s about who you spend it with.”

Tracy Brigden
Artistic director, City Theatre

“In 2010, I was single and living a block from City Theatre in South Side. I met up with some girlfriends at Dish [Osteria] for a midnight toast, and then we laughed our way down Carson Street. Once home, I plunked down on my couch and looked at my phone for the first time in hours; there was a text from a man I met online and had been having hours-long conversations with every night for a month. He was texting to confirm our first date, [set for] a few days later. That first date went really well — as did all the dates after. We got married [in 2012].”

Rick Sebak
WQED documentarian and PM columnist

“I will always remember ringing in 2000 — partying like it was 1999 (because it was!) at [a house] on the North Side. We had all sorts of goofy party favors from Mike Feinberg Company in the Strip: temporary tattoos, eyewear that let you look through the zeros in the number 2000, Champagne glasses that had stems made of the number. We all boldly climbed onto the roof to see fireworks over the Point with the rooftops of Allegheny West in the foreground.”

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