New This Summer: Cruising the Three Rivers on a Tiki Bar

The tiki boat tour will bridge relaxation and the city’s rivers for a new boating experience.

photo courtesy Crusin' Tiki Pittsburgh


Forget floating down the river on an inner tube. Starting in May, Pittsburghers can enjoy drinks and a ride on a floating tiki bar with Cruisin’ Tiki Pittsburgh. The tiki bar sits on top of a 16-foot-wide boat and comes complete with a thatched roof and boat captain.

So how did a floating tiki boat make its way to Pittsburgh? It started in 2016, when Greg Darby took his cross between a tiki hut and dingy out on the Florida waters, Fort Lauderdale Daily reported. Some modifications, a patent and some media attention later, Darby began selling Cruisin’ Tikis franchises and caught the interest of Pittsburgh native and avid boatman Dale McCue, who will bring the experience to Pittsburgh.

A two-hour cruise on the tiki boat will cost around $400 for up to six people. The price includes the boat captain, ice, soda and water. Boaters can bring snacks or a cooler with alcohol or other drinks. Because of the boat’s design, two additional boats can be tied on to accommodate larger groups.

The tiki boats are fully Coast Guard compliant and do not pitch or roll. Weather permitting, Cruisin’ Tiki Pittsburgh should be in operation from mid-May until mid-October.

While the tiki boat turns heads wherever it goes, the views it offers its passengers are the true highlight of the experience.

“Unless you are a boater, you do not know what the iconic view of the point, and the fountain, and the skyline is from the center of the rivers,” McCue told “You just can’t get that experience from going across a bridge or onshore.”

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