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I have been blogging about Pittsburgh for four years now, if you don’t count that tiny little teeny tiny microscopic eight-month break I took prior to August of 2009.  And I have written for Pittsburgh Magazine for about seven months now, covering topics ranging from Mr. Rogers to WINTER! to the Steelers and most recently to the fact that I’m kind of a fair-weather, bandwagon-hopping sports fan.

Now, in addition to my own little piece of Internet real estate over at That’s Church, you can read me right here!

What’s changing in my magazine column?  Nothing.

What’s changing at That’s Church?  Not a thing.



As a person who reads about Pittsburgh as voraciously as I do and who loves the city as much as I do, finding things to write about is never an issue.  I have great big piles of sticky notes all over my brain matter, just filled with Things I’d like to write about you, me, our city, our lives, our home.  What I didn’t have, though, was enough time.

I have a crystal clear recollection of my high school Spanish teacher Mrs. Dobos once telling us about how she would give anything for just one more hour in the day.  Just one!  The reason I remember that so clearly is because I was all, “Lady, er, Senora, there is plenty of time, er, tiempo.  You’re nuts, er, loca!”

Fast forward mumble mumble years and here I stand BEGGING THE LORD OUR GOD FOR JUST ONE MORE HOUR IN THE DAY!

And the Lord God answered with, “Daycare.”

Yes!  Daycare for the two-year-old for two mornings a week means that I, the former PittGirl who became a stay-at-home mom when I lost my job by revealing my identity, get to spend some time out in MY city of light, MY city of brotherly love, and MY city of bridges, and Paris, Philadelphia, and Venice can respectively eat their hearts out.

This is the place I’ll throw a video up on occasion.  Perhaps a video of me trying a new thing, or a video of me visiting the GIANT TERRIFYING PIGEON they keep over at the National Aviary.  Perhaps a video of me being arrested for trying to kick a bird that shall remain nameless at the National Aviary.  Perhaps a video of me being pelted with poo by the angry pigeon lovers of the world.

This is the place I might throw the briefest of posts or the longest of posts.  I might post a picture I think you’ll like or I might go into great detail on how it feels the first time I visit the new Mister Rogers statue.  This will also be a great place to expand on the topic I cover that particular month in my magazine column, because most times, my first draft of the column is around 1,200 words and I have to get it down to 800 and then it sometimes gets edited down even further for space.  Now I’ll have the space to share those lost words with you.

Maybe I’ll interview some local celebrities with some super silly questions.  I don’t know.  But I do know that the best blogs are those that grow organically.  My blog did because I didn’t know any other way to work it.

So that’s what we’ll do here.  We’ll let it become what it wants to become.

Unless it wants to become a pigeon-loving blog, because then, I am SO out of here.

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