New Gourmet Popsicle Vendor Wheel Deliver to Your Party

The Pop Stop will bring drool-worthy flavors like strawberry-basil directly to you — via bike.


We really hate to borrow anything from Philadelphia — but for gourmet popsicles, we'll make this one exception.

A few months ago, local English teacher Todd Saulle was making small talk with an acquaintance at a soiree when the subject of business came up. After learning that the fellow’s popsicle shop was thriving in Philly, a city whose climate mirrors Pittsburgh's, Saulle got to thinking. Then he went shopping for recipe books.

Inspired, Saulle eventually got to experimenting with flavors old and new — strawberry-basil, watermelon-parsley and others.

The result? The Pop Stop, a mobile business that vends gourmet pops via bike. (No, it’s not a shop — it’s way cooler!)



You can also find Saulle’s frozen treats at Franktuary in Lawrenceville, where he works out of the kitchen with local produce and herbs grown in his own backyard. Sure, the Pop Stop lineup is drool-worthy as it is; we love raspberry-rosemary and cantaloupe. But there are also booze-infused creations, including a cucumber-mint-lime made with Wigle Whiskey gin, served exclusively at Franktuary. And you may want to sit down for this: There's also a dulce de leche creamsicle concocted using La Dorita liqueur.



For now, Saulle is keeping bike appearances to a minimum, except for timely mobile-food roundups and events, such as the Aug. 25 Pedal PGH celebration. You can also book Pop Stop for your next shindig, which would instantly make it 10 times more fun.



Saulle’s also looking to dabble with fall-inspired varieties — pumpkin, for example — to be ready when things (inevitably) get cold.

We don’t care how you try Pop Stop’s treats, just be sure that you do.



What’s going on today?


  • Jump on two wheels and ride over to the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Rush will be shown as the Bike-In Movie!  — 9 p.m. 

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