New Club is a Hit at Thiel College

The Outdoor Recreation Club becomes the newest student organization at the college.

At the launch of Thiel College’s Outdoor Recreation Club, more than 40 students signed up to join. The club, which has plans for hiking, kayaking, camping and much more, was created partly due to the high interest in it.

“A group of outdoor-oriented students felt the need for more outdoor recreational activities around campus. We decided to get together as a group to start the club. We wanted students on campus to become more involved in the wide variety of adventures located around Greenville,” says Outdoor Recreation Club president Brent Henderson in a press release.

The club aims to focus on exploring the region’s natural resources, connecting students to the larger community and teaching them outdoor safety. The mission includes increasing awareness of local outdoor activities, promoting sustainability, creating relationships with recreation organizations and having members educate each other in outdoor activities.

There is a network of outdoor activists and organizations in the community surrounding the college, and the club hopes to make connections and volunteer with associations like the Shenango Valley River Watchers and the Mercer County Trails Association.

“Thiel College is blessed to be surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities. Many of our students grew up in the outdoors fishing, hiking and boating. The new outdoor recreation club will extend those opportunities throughout their college experience,” says Mike McKinney, vice president of student life. “It is also likely to expose new students to the health and wellness benefits of outdoor recreation, which is something we hope they will continue to take advantage of throughout their lives.”

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