Need New Dining Options? Where We're Eating in June

From juice to ice-cream sandwiches, we've got the scoop on all of the food you'll want to eat this month.

Leona's Ice Cream

The owners of Leona’s have done a masterful job of revamping the ice-cream sandwich, using slabs of nearly lactose-free, homemade ice cream with made-from-scratch cookies. Creative flavor and color pairings further up the ante. Two seasonal selections include the blueberry ice cream on oatmeal lace and raspberry on snickerdoodle. If you spot the ladies around town with their ice cream tricycle, be sure to stop; these summertime classics are worth every calorie and penny.
[; products also sold at select area shops; photo by Laura Petrilla]

Delicious Raw

Juices and smoothies still are in vogue, but not all drinks are created equal. These made-to-order and cold-pressed choices appeal to devotees and newcomers alike, including the tropically inspired Liquid Sunshine smoothie. Daring drinkers should order the Veggie-Maxx, with cayenne pepper, garlic and other savory ingredients. Acai wellness bowls are great morning substitutes for cereal.
[280 Forbes Ave., downtown; 412/281-1473,; photo courtesy of Delicious Raw]

Parker’s PGH

We’re fond of this steamed-sandwich shop’s meatball hoagies, particularly the Mona Lisa Vito, with provolone, green peppers and onions. The breakfast sandwiches all are good for different reasons (some are heavy, some are lighter). Customers can customize toppings for the all-beef hot dogs, served on buns from Potomac Bakery, and perhaps display their combinations on the wall.
[2911 Glenmore Ave., Dormont; 412/344-7264,]

Chengdu Gourmet

Go straight for the authentic Chinese menu of heat-filled dishes. Our new go-to is the cabbage in dry wok; we recommend eating this slowly because the pepper-packed broth will leave your lips tingling. The meat-laden shredded pork in garlic is quite spicy. For those who don’t appreciate heat, the bone-in, tea-smoked duck is perfectly juicy.
[5840 Forward Ave., Squirrel Hill; 412/521-2088,; photo by John Altdorfer]

Tinitique Cafe & Tavern

This Beaver County favorite draws outsiders with its country-store vibe and lengthy menu. You know what you’re getting — hefty portions of American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Noted for its salads and homey plates, such as corned beef, you’ll likely walk away with leftovers — unless you order the small but satisfying lobster pot.
[500 Market St., Bridgewater; 724/774-0400,]

Ten Penny

Executive Chef Anthony Hruska says that Ten Penny’s carrot-cake pancake plate is a “perfect example” of the food he tries to create at the restaurant: reinterpreted American cuisine. He makes the brunch dish using a carrot-cake recipe — the kitchen staff also uses the batter for muffins at times. Hruska and company plate the weekend offering with maple-infused cream cheese and roasted pineapple-rum syrup.
[960 Penn Ave., downtown; 412/318-8000,; photo by Laura Petrilla]


Rico Lunardi, Founder | Slice on Broadway

After developing a love for eating and making pizza as a kid, Rico Lunardi decided that he’d like to run his own shop. Now he owns a pair of Slice on Broadway locations and is looking to expand further. What makes his pizza stand out? The airy crust bubbles up and has a soft crunch; Lunardi makes all of the dough himself — about 30 batches per week. The sauce, which he also creates, incorporates quality ingredients, including ever-popular San Marzano tomatoes. He says he still loves pizza so much he could eat it daily (and often does), and that shines through in his consistently great pies.    

Cooking essentials at home?
Lemon, garlic, oregano and olive oil. 

Preferred type of pizza?
New York-style. 

Best way to handle pizza dough?
The least you do to it, the better it will be — light and airy. Be gentle with it. 

How often do you experiment with ingredients?
Pretty much all the time. 

Top topping?
My favorite — honestly, I default to pepperoni. Or I love vegetables. I guess it’s just [dependent on] the mood I’m in. 

[2 locations: Beechview and Carnegie;; photo by John Altdorfer]


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