My Killer Wedding

The big day came and went: What would the new Mrs. Right have done differently?

Photography by Milla C. Photography   

Here it is, my first post as a married woman. After only 18 days, it still feels weird to say "my husband," and I still stutter when saying my new name. Afterall, Kellar and Kahle are pretty similar.

Seven days in a rain-soaked paradise (I’ll save the honeymoon details for next time) gave me plenty of time to reflect on the wedding day and what I would have done differently. The list of changes is very short, so here’s where I give major props to all of our wonderful vendors. Let me start from the beginning.

The wedding weekend began with a day of pampering with my bridesmaids, mom and new mother-in-law. We enjoyed manis and pedis, then a relaxing lunch. After that, we headed to Armstrong Farms to do some decorating and for the rehearsal. The rehearsal went smoothly and was followed by a delicious dinner catered by the "Best BBQ in the ‘Burgh," Pittsburgh Barbecue Company! Our guests were blown away by how good the chicken, pulled pork and beef brisket were. My personal faves were the mac n’ cheese and cornbread!

Much to my surprise, I woke up on my wedding morning to bright blue skies, perfect white, fluffy clouds and the promise of temperatures in the low 70’s. At least the weather would be one less thing to worry about. As it turns out, I wasn’t worried about much of anything that day. I was remarkably calm.

The girls and I had our hair done by Mandy and Lisa at Suzy & Co. Hair Design in the North Hills. It took nearly four hours for them to work their magic on nine of us. Then in the afternoon, we returned to the farm to find the barn set up perfectly with the centerpieces just as I wanted them, thanks to Medure’s Catering! The servers took special care to make sure everything was just where it should be, even hanging my custom lanterns from Etsy.

The next couple hours flew by, and before I knew it, it was just about go-time. Safe inside the cottage, I could see our guests arriving. I grabbed my gorgeous bouquet of white gerbera daisies created by Gehres’ Flowers and made my way through the yard. The walk down the aisle arm-in-arm with my mom and dad is a complete blur, as are the 20 minutes that followed.

Mr. Right was sure that he would be way too emotional to even utter our vows, and I thought I would be a mess, too. It turns out, neither of us really cried during the ceremony. It may have helped that we had a few distractions: my veil blowing in my face and the ringbearer and flower girl running circles around the altar.

After the short and sweet ceremony performed by Pastor Bryan Gratton of Discovery Christian Church, guests proceeded to cocktail hour while we took photos with our families and the bridal party. Our photographers Milla and Brad Chappell of Milla C. Photography were wonderful, and we can’t wait to see the rest of the images.

Shortly after 6, we were announced by DJ Matt Donnelly as the new "Mr. and Mrs. ‘Kay-Lee.’" (It’s pronounced "Kay-ul," like the leafy, green vegetable.) But we didn’t mind because it was time to eat and party!

The buffet-style dinner prepared by Medure’s consisted of Parmesan-crusted chicken, ham, roasted potatoes, penne pasta and, my personal favorite, eggplant parm. Everything was delicious. The dessert table remained covered until after dinner. (I’m appalled by people who stock up on cookies before dinner is even served.) Eventually, the tulle was removed to reveal an elaborate display of Russian tea cakes, mini oatmeal cream pies, peanut butter cups, five varieties of cupcakes and many more delectable desserts created by SweetHouse Bake Shop and few others lovingly baked by family and friends. With all that to distract them—much to my mother’s chagrin—no one even realized there was no wedding cake.

We danced our first dance to Brad Paisley’s "Then" and shared a tearful mother-son and father-daughter dance to Rascal Flatts’ "My Wish." After that, the formalities were over and the guests took the floor. Everyone danced the night away to the DJ’s ingenious remixes (hello, "Billie Jean" and "Don’t Stop Believin’"?), and Mr. Right and I were right there on the floor with them. We made time to see the non-dancing guests, too, but you better believe we were going to enjoy our own reception.

We spent our first night as husband and wife in the Alyson Anne Cottage and awoke to find an unbelievable breakfast prepared by Kathy Allen, the owner of Armstrong Farms. Our families joined us for croissant sandwiches and cinnamon rolls before packing up the pieces of the most amazing day of our lives. It was sad to toss away more than 200 gerbera daisies (which, after much searching, I got a pretty good deal on), along with almost a year’s-worth of planning, but at least we have pictures and memories that will last.

For those of you who say you’ve read bad reviews about Armstrong Farms, I can tell you first-hand, I don’t have one bad thing to say about the venue or any of the people I dealt with. From the moment I stepped onto the farm at Alyson Anne almost a year ago, I dreamed about having my wedding there, and in the end, my dreams were made into a reality. Cat Loeffler, our Armstrong Farms coordinator, made sure every last detail was covered. From Friday afternoon through the very end of Saturday evening, I didn’t have to worry about anything except enjoying myself.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more. My wedding was just as killer as I’ve always imagined it would be—maybe even more. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making it so perfect: not just the vendors, but also our families and friends. Most importantly, thanks to my Mr. Right for making all my dreams come true.

I have to say, so far my favorite part of being married is looking at my new husband with that shiny metal band around his left ring finger and knowing that he’s officially mine.