Mobile Food Vendors for the Perfect Pittsburgh Wedding

From waffle cones stuffed with pulled pork and slaw to genuine Penn State ice cream, these vendors can make your wedding meal stand out.


The joys of wedding planning include contemplating what you and your guests will consume at the reception. After a long day of photo-taking (including selfies) and traveling between your ceremony, reception and photo spots, you’ll want to make the meal count. Here’s the skinny on some of our favorite mobile vendors who can show up to your soiree and deliver stellar food and drinks. As with any other aspect of your wedding, you’ll want to contact the respective business to make arrangements well in advance.




Wood Fired Flatbreads

Let’s have a show of hands: How many people have had a mobile pizza oven at their wedding? You may set yourself apart from the crowd with this one. Kim Fitzpatrick and her team expertly and quickly prepare wood-fired pizzas onsite in a range of choices, from the popular, straightforward margherita to the Tennessee Pig with bacon, walnuts, ricotta, smoked cheddar and maple-bourbon glaze. You want this pizza.


South Side BBQ Co.

Odds are high that your friends and family have yet to eat coleslaw and other Southern-style fare out of an ice-cream cone. Change that. Brothers Pat and Mike Joyce have a grand time shooting the breeze with folks as they make the BarBaCone, a homemade waffle cone stuffed with coleslaw, pulled pork, barbecue sauce, jalapenos and mac ‘n’ cheese. Prefer your meat on a bun? There are sandwiches, plus wings and more.


Innovative Mobile Catering and ’Burgh Bites trucks

We’re kind of cheating here, but if you hire either of these trucks, run by Art Institute of Pittsburgh grads, you’re in good hands. Tony Marinho and Jeff Hurff run Innovative Mobile Catering (and the Street Foods truck) and offer a bunch of comfort and street food to fill hungry bellies at dinnertime or late in the game — think burgers and tots, reinterpretations of chicken classics and street food. Ricci Minella of ’Burgh Bites offers similar food to please the group in addition to some refined choices — homemade tortillas with smoked salsa, jerked-chicken sandwiches, summer corn chowder and much more.  




Bella Christie & Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique truck

When it comes to weddings, Bella Christie & Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique knows how to turn sugar and sparkles into darling confections and other sweet creations. The gifted crew of bakers makes full wedding cakes, but if you’re looking for no-fuss, post-meal bites, we recommend the cupcakes, anything covered in chocolate and pie pops.


The Pop Stop truck

After all of that dancing, what could be better than a fresh fruit pop on a balmy evening? Luckily, Todd Saulle can bring his Pop Stop game to you. We like the pineapple-basil and watermelon-parsley varieties for their flavor and simplicity, but the cucumber-mint-lime also would be refreshing.


Rolling Cones truck

Penn State University alumni especially will appreciate this: The Rolling Cones truck can set up at your wedding reception and dish out favorite Penn State Berkey Creamery flavors. We’ve been to weddings where the favored dessert has been served in bowls, which is fine — but getting an ice-cream cone from a truck brings back childhood memories and is way better.




Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Co.

Wedding-reception sips don’t have to involve alcohol. Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Co. offers a shot — espresso — that will provide a nice jolt for anyone feeling fatigued. Consider a mocha or latte for those who don’t need the extra-strength eye-opener. Score brownie points with tea drinkers by requesting that the company stock at least one option at the bar, and if you’ve got young ones in attendance, spring for the Italian soda.


Bean Catering

Continue the organic food and beverage theme with Bean Catering’s espresso and cappuccino bar. What better way to wash down those cookie-table treats than with a cup of fair-trade java?


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