Mitch Trubisky Is Dreaming Big With the Steelers

The free agent quarterback understands the position he’s in because of those who have played the position before him. And he welcomes the chance to follow in their footsteps.


Mitch Trubisky, a former starter in Chicago and most recently a backup in Buffalo, has found himself somewhere in between those roles initially with the Steelers.

His ultimate objective is to someday draw comparisons with Hall-of-Famers.

“That’s the goal, Trubisky insisted this week. “That’s why you play the game.”

The hard part will be playing it well enough to compel Steeler Nation to someday speak of Trubisky with a reverence that’s been applied only to Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger previously.

But if your intention is to someday carve out a place for yourself alongside the greatest quarterbacks in Steelers history, you have to first find a way to actually play quarterback for the Steelers.

Trubisky commenced attacking that this week with the opening of OTAs (organized team activities).

He began the annual spate of voluntary offseason practices No. 1 on the depth chart, according to his new center, Mason Cole.

The designation means little in late May.

And Trubisky is also looking over his shoulder at a No. 1 draft pick who happens to play the same position.

It remains to be seen who starts the season opener, who starts the majority of the games this season and how long it will be before the Steelers ultimately turn the keys to the kingdom over to Kenny Pickett.

The two-year contract Trubisky signed as a free agent suggests the Steelers aren’t contemplating a long-term relationship, at least not yet.

But to Trubisky, the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of No. 12 and No. 7 is all that matters at present.

“It’s special,” Trubisky maintained. “You look at the two Hall-of-Famers they have here, Terry Bradshaw and then Ben Roethlisberger, coming here you’re trying to be that next guy and just carry on that legacy. I think there’s just so much respect for the tradition here and the type of football we play and the players that have come through here, not only at the quarterback position but Hall-of-Famers across the board.

“It definitely means something playing in Pittsburgh, being a Steeler and being a Steelers quarterback.”

Trubisky said he was reminded of as much during a recent dinner hosted by Roethlisberger to welcome Trubisky and his wife to the city.

The conversation included a discussion of “what it means to be the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

Trubisky appreciated the gesture, but acknowledged the refresher course wasn’t necessary.

“I think even growing up watching Ben, and then watching the NFL, the quarterback position of the Pittsburgh Steelers is definitely a special position in sports,” Trubisky allowed. “He didn’t have to say it. Growing up, just loving sports and obviously, watching him and just knowing the legacy here, it’s just a special, winning tradition. And a lot of that is because of great quarterback play.”

Trubisky is determined to do what he can to add to that legacy.

He knows the pressure associated with making such an attempt.

And, presumably, the odds of ever getting to where he intends to eventually.

But if you can’t dream in late May, why bother?

“For me, it’s just realizing what a great position I’m in and what a huge opportunity it is here,” Trubisky emphasized.

“I’m not going to take that opportunity for granted.”

Welcome to Pittsburgh.

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