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March Madness: Confessions of a Coach K Konvert

After what seems like a lifetime of doing the right thing and rooting against Duke, I’m backing the Blue Devils in the Final Four. Blame it on the coach with the name that’s difficult to pronounce and even tougher to spell.

The Number of Reasons to Celebrate Sidney Crosby

Career goal No. 500 was a significant milestone, but for the Penguins’ captain, it was also just another day at the office in a 17-years-and-counting run of defining moments that range from subtle to historic.

Time Running Out on Stanley Cup Countdown

Penguins General Manager Jim Rutherford is doing what he can to keep his team ready during the NHL’s current hiatus. But Rutherford also knows the league may not make it back until next season. We’ll soon get to a point where the NHL shouldn’t.

From March Madness to March Sadness

It’s easy to understand and accept why our games have suddenly gone away. It’s what to do without them that’s perplexing and depressing if not distressing.

March Madness is not for the Faint of Heart

Robert Morris’ last-second survival in the Northeast Conference semifinals re-introduced tournament basketball with all the mayhem and euphoria we’ve come to anticipate at this point of a season.

A Hockey Upset More Monumental than Miraculous

The 40th anniversary of one of America’s all-time Olympic feel-good stories is worthy of remembering and celebrating every February, and always will be. Even if the story wasn’t told quite the way it should have been initially.

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