McCutchen and Bettis Share a Pittsburgh Moment on SportsCenter

Primanti's vs. the Roethlisburger. PNC Park vs. Mount Washington. Watch the two stars debate.


#Flicks: Russell Crowe to Return to Pittsburgh to Film ‘Fathers and Daughters’

Once you go ’Burgh, you can’t go back. If you’re Russell Crowe, at least.

Just more than three years after visiting the Steel City for the first time to shoot the crime thriller “The Next Three Days” and heaping love all over the place, the Oscar-winning actor is returning (along with “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul) in April to shoot a new film. Presumably because he missed us.

That, or he heard rumors about all the new pierogi iterations we’ve whipped up in his absence.

According to the report from the journalistic sleuths over at the Pittsburgh Business Times, Crowe is set to star in the film “Fathers and Daughters,” which — as you hopefully didn’t guess — is about a love affair between a father and a daughter, alongside Paul and actress Amanda Seyfried. Gabriele Muccino, whose previous credits include “Seven Pounds” and “The Pursuit of Happyness,” will direct.

The Business Times went on to report that representatives of the film have been scouting locations and making living arrangements for the crew, and Pennsylvania’s already approved the film’s tax credit application.


#Photos: The frozen Ohio River sets Twitter atwitter

It may not be cold enough for us to throw pots of boiling water into the air or blow ice bubbles, but the recent bout of cold weather has created some stunning shots of the frozen Ohio, such as this.


#Lists: Huffington Post calls Pitt one of the ‘most interesting places to go to college’ but doesn’t get what makes it that way

List-tracking seems to have become a Pittsburgh hobby of sorts. For good reason, seeing as we make a lot of them. The problem is, as much praise as we get from these lists from media outlets on the coast, most of the praise gives us the sense that these folks don’t really “get” Pittsburgh.

Case in point: The Huffington Post just slotted the University of Pittsburgh into its list of “The Most Interesting Places to go to College.” While other colleges were gushed over for the quirky location, sports and the ability to be a big fish in a small pond, Pitt got this:

“Where else can you study in the second-tallest academic building in the world that looks like Hogwarts on the inside and sometimes gets lit up in pretty colors? The city is gorgeous and hosts one of the most ‘hipster’ ZIP codes.”

To recap, Pittsburgh’s got eye candy and a “hipster” ZIP code — and students get a really tall academic building. Talk about getting the short end of the stick. How about world-class museums, a cutting-edge foodie movement, great bars, sports stadiums a short trip from campus and 90 totally different neighborhoods that each have something unique to offer?

Sorry, Huffington Post, but we’re more than just a bunch of hipsters with a pretty skyline.


What’s happening this weekend?


  • Local comic Krish Mohan headlines a show featuring a few other funny folks. A portion of event proceeds will go to Shaler North Hills Library’s youth-services programs. — tonight, 8 p.m.


  • Pittsburgh International Children’s Theater, in association with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, will host the International Performing Arts for Youth showcase, featuring a globe-spanning ensemble of acts. — through Saturday


  • Down the street from Pittsburgh’s own Little Italy, the Sen. John Heinz History Center will offer a workshop for locals who want to explore their ties to the Boot. The workshop is meant to get participants thinking about how specific episodes in their lives highlight their identities as Italian-Americans. Participants are encouraged to bring family photos or other items that may help them draw from memories for their writing. — Saturday, 1-4 p.m.


  • The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s 10th-anniversary Gallery Crawl provides a chance to various exhibits in nearby galleries. In addition, a handful of spots have scheduled additional programming for the debut of CrawlAfterDark. — tonight, regular crawl: 5:30-9 p.m.; CrawlAfterDark: starts at 9 p.m.

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