Make the Cut with Jonathan Moran Woodworks

The Strip District-based woodworker's cutting boards can be custom made with the wood of your choice.

Finding the perfect homey aesthetic when decorating your home can be frustrating when you keep seeing the same pieces in every home store and magazine.

If you’re looking for a way to vamp up your home with some wooden accent pieces, Jonathan Moran Woodworks is your new favorite place to shop.

A local woodworker, Moran's store in the Strip District is run by his wife, Mindy Moran. It features an array of wooden items that can be beautifully displayed in your home.

We especially love Moran’s selection of cutting boards (pricing starts at $20). His boards, which come in all shapes and sizes, can be custom made with a wood of your choosing. 

Moran's artisan line of woodwork ranges from accent furniture to a custom-made countertop or bar. While there is plenty of inventory in the store, no item is identical to the other. With a little twist or quirk to each piece, it is impossible for you or your neighbor to have the same Moran item.

As you browse through the store, and then realize that you need the table they have to be just a tad bigger to fill your dining room or entertainment area, fear not. Give Moran your tailored vision for your piece and he will make it for you.  

(Jonathan Moran Woodworks, 108 19th St. Strip District; 724/504-7869,


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