Love Rocks

Confession of the Week: With the Henne Jewelers Diamond Dash this past weekend, I’m forced to remember my own personal diamond dash—the horror of losing my diamond wedding band at the restaurant Rock Bottom and the mad dash to find it—definitely one of my most rock bottom moments.

Picture me head-first in a restroom garbage receptacle. It’s true. I had hit rock bottom at Rock Bottom. I was scouring the garbage can, the stalls, under the table I had been seated at, questioning the manager, questioning my waitress—all the while beating myself up for being so careless. All during lunch I hadn’t noticed that my diamond wedding band wasn’t proudly aligned next to my engagement ring. My mother and I had planned on a nice little lunch at Rock Bottom (it was new at the Waterfront in Homestead at the time). I even showed up at her house early to visit with her, put on my lipstick and borrow her lavender lotion.

Lunch was great. We dined and we left. As we’re driving back to her house and we’re almost ready to make the right hand turn onto her street I screamed. “My ring, I lost my ring!” My mother—a saint—immediately turned the car around and dashed back to Homestead from Squirrel Hill. As soon as the car rolled onto the parking lot of the restaurant I jumped out of the car—like a bat out of hell—and made a bee-line for the ladies room.

I knew in my heart of hearts the ring must have slipped off my hand as I wiped them dry with the paper towel. I looked in the restroom and peeked at the trashcan. “Great, they hadn’t emptied it yet,” I thought to myself. So I quickly high stepped it around the restaurant asking the waitstaff where’s your manager? Where’s your manager? Where IS your manager?" A man overheard me and said, “I’m the manager.” In a sad voice I said, “I need your permission and help to poke through the trash can in the womens room. I believe I lost my wedding band inside a piece of paper towel.” Mr. Manager (I vowed never to forget his name because he was so kind to help me in my own self-inflicted drama—but unfortunately I forget a lot of things).

There we were—Mr. Manager and yours truly at Rock Bottom, head-first in a trash can looking for MY wedding band. After digging for a good while, we didn’t uncover it. I thanked him immensely for his heroic effort and dragged my knuckles back to the car. My mother drove me back to her house. It was the most silent, pathetic ride of my life. As I walked in her front door, I wandered over to the bottle of lavender lotion I left sitting out. I needed to reapply a coat to my overly washed hands from my hour-long rendezvous rummaging through trash.
And there it was! MY RING! I was in such a mad dash to go to lunch that I was distracted and forgot to put it on (did I mention I forget things?).

I looked up the number to Rock Bottom and called Mr. Manager to let him know that I had found it. He was so relieved for me and I was so relieved that I had it back. The infamous saying is right on point: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, because for me, my diamond ring is always there, it’s pretty and the memory attached to the day I “met” it is meaningful and full of love. And since diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Mothers who turn their car around without hesitation and Mr. Managers who help customers find their missing diamond wedding bands are the next best thing.

If you’re looking for an exciting, madcap diamond hunt without the drama of losing your own, register for Henne Jewelers’ Diamond Dash Mark Patterson flawless $15,000 diamond ring.for a flawless $15,000 diamond ring reward. The Diamond Dash is a high-tech treasure hunt with clues delivered via text message to cell phones of over 600 participants. It’s Sat., May 22 from 11am-2pm; with a 10am registration beginning on the Great Lawn at Heinz Field (registration closes at midnight). The Dash takes place throughout downtown Pittsburgh. At 3pm participants will gather at Bar Louie at Station Square. The winning couple will be presented with a Mark Patterson designed, 1.5 carat flawless diamond engagement ring valued at $15,000. Prizes will be awarded to the runners up and everyone will receive a Henne gift bag containing gift cards and other prizes.

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